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The Amway Canadian Championship is set to become a summer tournament after previously existing as a spring competition. The move comes into effect for 2015.

The Canadian Championship is set to move from spring to summer.

The shift will begin starting in 2015, as the tournament, usually played in April/May, will transition to a July/August format.

However, given the 2015/16 CONCACAF Champions League will begin before the July/August, tournament, Canada's representative will be the Canadian MLS club ranked highest in the combined league points table at the end of the 2014/2015 regular MLS season, as opposed to the Canadian tournament winner.

From 2016 onward, the winner of the Voyageurs Cup will once again represent Canada in the Champions League.

“Canada Soccer recognizes that the transition may be confusing in the short term, but we’re confident it will benefit the competition in the longer term,” said Canada Soccer president Victor Montagliani in a release. “This new format will allow the Amway Canadian Championship to grow, becoming even more of a Canadian showcase of professional soccer as our sport continue to evolve.”

The 2014 tournament is unaffected, and is set to begin on April 23.

“The move to the new time frame was proposed in response to some of our participating clubs concerns and allows for more flexibility in the competition structure around professionalization of the sport and potential expansion,” Montagliani said in the release. “But more importantly, we believe it will make it a more enjoyable experience for fans across the country.”



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