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Di Vaio was acquitted of his charges on Friday in relation to the betting scandals that have rocked the Italian peninsula and he will now be able to focus on what he does best.

UPDATED 15:48 - It hasn’t been by any means an easy start to life in Montreal for Impact designated player Marco Di Vaio.

Being the highest paid player in the team – by quite some distance - and brought in to give a significant offensive boost, there’s definitely been pressure on him to perform. Having to accustom himself to a new country and a new league in such a short time isn’t particularly easy either.

But these factors don’t fully explain the slow start that one of Serie A’s most prolific scorers has had so far with the team (one goal and two assists in eight games).  

Ever since Di Vaio arrived in Montreal, he’s had to contend with allegations against him of having failed to report a match fixing attempt in Italy two years ago and, if found guilty, he would have been banned from the game for a year. Had this come to pass, his career would have surely come to an end.

But not only was his career at stake, but also his integrity as a player and person. It would have left a dark mark on an excellent career, one that, for its resilience, has inspired many.

His time in Montreal would have abruptly concluded as well, and he would have missed out on the opportunity to introduce his family to a new place and culture, and have his daughters learn different languages, all things that Di Vaio was really hoping for.

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As much as Di Vaio has tried his best to appear tranquil and upbeat during his time with the Impact so far, he’s been very tense about his situation. These last few weeks have been the most difficult of his life and naturally it’s had a negative effect on his onfield performance.

With the first verdicts of the Italian betting scandals released on Friday, Di Vaio has now been acquitted of the charges against him and he will be able to put this whole story behind him for good.

“I set the alarm clock for three am this morning,” Di Vaio told reporters on Friday. “I knew the news would come out around nine am local time, so I set the alarm and waited in front of the computer. I feel freer, lighter. I’m glad I can now think about football, about the Impact, about being here with my family and our life in Montreal.”

A suspension would have been a disaster for the Impact organization, which spent a great deal of time and energy in convincing a player of Di Vaio’s calibre to cross the pond and play for the expansion side.

His acquittal comes as a great relief and with Di Vaio now able to properly acclimate and focus on what he does best, Joey Saputo and the Impact will now be able to get what they paid for.