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With FIFA clarifying its position on turbans, the QSF decided to reverse its ban on Saturday.

After receiving a letter from FIFA explaining its position on male headscarves in soccer, the Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) announced on Saturday that it had unanimously decided to lift its ban on turbans.

QSF director-general Brigitte Frot explained that the ban was only in effect because FIFA’s position on the matter hadn’t been clear.

"It has been our intention from the onset to get a confirmation that FIFA allowed the wearing of turbans, patkas or keskis,” Frot said in a statement. "We are very happy that FIFA responded to our request and by the same token dispelled ambiguities created by a lack of clarification.

“Our intervention was solely from a technical point of view and had absolutely nothing to do with religious matters or political issues.”

The Canadian Soccer Federation (CSA) suspended the QSF earlier this week after calls to end the ban were initially ignored. The QSF notified the CSA on Saturday that it had finally changed its stance and the CSA terminated the suspension.

"The situation is now settled and we can all go back to our primary mission which is to allow young players to better themselves and have fun playing soccer in a safe and organized manner regardless of skill levels, sex, race, nationality or religion,” Frot concluded.