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The Montreal Impact's search for a coach continues to drag on and a source close to former Impact player Enzo Concina revealed that he wasn't interested in the job.

It’s now been just under a month since the Montreal Impact and Jesse Marsch parted ways and the Impact are still on the lookout for a head coach. Rumors and reports have surfaced in the Montreal media over the last two weeks claiming that former Impact player and assistant at Napoli, Enzo Concina, was a potential candidate to succeed Marsch and that he had been approached by the club.

A source close to Concina told this week that Concina was not interested in the Impact head coaching position because he’s determined to finish the current season with Napoli. He also explained that a move to Montreal this December was less than ideal timing for his family.  The Italian-Canadian has a contract with Napoli until July 2013.

On Tuesday, Impact president Joey Saputo used his twitter account to not only try and put the rumors and speculation surrounding Concina to bed, but also to lash out against the journalists that had brought up the story and that had previously been discussing it.

“I can't help but laugh when so called experts talk about our next coach,” Saputo stated. “All I can say is that you guys are way off! You know who you are.”

It is very understandable that a club would want to keep a tight lid on its business dealings and that it can be frustrating when information does get out to the public, but in the soccer world it is extremely rare that a transfer or signing fails to get reported by the media before it is made official by the club.

Any professional soccer club that’s been around for a while is well aware that these leaks are very common occurrences - that it’s all part of the game - and they simply learn to live with it.  The Impact, a relatively new club, haven’t yet gotten around to the idea.

At least, it is now clear that Concina will not be the next coach of the Impact, which is a bit of a relief considering he has very little coaching experience.

Other candidates

Former Manchester United and English international midfielder Gordon Hill told World Football Daily on Thursday that he is interested in coaching the Impact.

“I’m looking at coming back to the MLS,” said Hill, who also played in the American indoor soccer league. “I’m looking to go to Montreal if I can get a sniff of that. I want to be the manager, the head coach.”

Current Impact interim coach Mauro Biello and former Impact coach Valerio Gazzola, have also, in recent weeks, publically declared interest in becoming the next Montreal coach. has also learned that several fairly high-profile Italian coaches have approached the Impact in a bid to fill the head coach vacancy. The names of these coaches cannot yet be revealed, but no decision has been made.

Sooner or later, the experts usually figure it out.