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WC Qualification CONCACAF

  • September 11, 2012
  • • 21:05
  • • Estadio Rommel Fernández Gutiérrez, Ciudad de Panamá
  • Referee: E. Bonilla
  • • Attendance: 20000

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 1'
    We're into stoppage here.
  • 87'
    Jackson does well to get to the byline and put in a cross, but Ricketts can't get over it enough to direct it on frame.
  • 86'
    SubstitutionArmando Cooper N. Barahona
  • 86'
    De Guzman collects a loose ball at the top of the 18 an unleashes a low drive that Penedo gets down well to cover.
  • 84'
    Nothing going right for the visitors as they try to force the play up the pitch. Final passes going errant, summing up tonight's effort.
  • 79'
    SubstitutionPatrice Bernier Pedro Pacheco
  • 79'
    Doub;e substitution for Canada, although it feels way too late at this point.
  • 78'
    SubstitutionDavid Edgar Nikolas Ledgerwood
  • 77'
    Not a bad effort by Bernier on the free kick from 30 yards, but it goes wide and Penedo gets injured somehow.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionQuintero Y. Glaize
  • 73'
    Panama gets another decent chance on their left side, but the low shot is into the side netting.
  • 72'
    De Jong takes an ambitious shot from 25 yards out that sails high. Looking like desperation for a tiring away side at this point. How long until some fresh legs are injected by Stephen Hart?
  • 71'
    Less than 20 minutes left. Do we have more goals in this game?
  • 69'
    SubstitutionR. Blackburn Aníbal Cesis Godoy
  • 67'
    The Wave making its way around the stadium now. The fans are in a festive mood, and how could you blame them?
  • 66'
    Canada still seeing enough of the ball to push forward, but not really doing anything with it.
  • 63'
    Canada with a corner, as they look for something to give hope in this game.
  • 60'
    It's all come unglued here for Canada, as Panama is allowed to waltz right in and dish off poke the ball in. Edgar is having an absolute nghtmare marking his man.
  • 57'
  • 57'
    GoalB. Pérez
  • 55'
    Canada gives it right back with a really poor header back to Hirschfeld that he can't catch.
  • 53'
    Another corner to Canada after a botched Panama backpass nearly eludes the keeper. Close.
  • 52'
    Canada earns a second corner but it comes to little.
  • 51'
    Corner to Canada as Jackson's speed forces Baloy to clear quickly.
  • 48'
    Well curled kick by Bernier finds a player at the back post, but Penedo is quick to pounce for Panama.
  • 48'
    Now it's Canada's turn for a free kick in the final third, although this one is much closer to the sideline.
  • 47'
    The wall does its job and the early threat is cleared.
  • 46'
    Already a dangerous free kick coming up for Panama. Challenge didn't seem like that much, to be honest.
  • 46'
    Panama kicksoff to get the game back under way.
  • Players about to emerge from the tunnel for the second half. What's in store in ths final 45 minutes? It seems we've seen it all already.
  • In an added bit of gamesmanship, the sprinklers here at Rommel Fernandez only watered the half that Panama will be attacking after the restart.
  • The injuries to DeRo and Occean are massive for Canada, but they'll need to use the speed up top to better effect if they want to beat the big, strong Panama back line.
  • It's tough to see where Canada will get its chances from, as there seems to be a big lack of creativity on the field right now. Panama seemingly content to just sit on the one goal lead and concede possession, although things may change in the second half.
  • 45' + 18'
    Finally, the ref blows the whistle to signal the end of the half.
  • 45' + 17'
    Still going here. Slowly.
  • 45' + 14'
    The crowd now turning on its own team as Panama shows no desire to go forward.
  • 45' + 12'
    As I type that, Canaa puts pressure on the Panama backline and nearly gets in free through both Ricketts and Jackson.
  • 45' + 11'
    Game has slowed to a standstill here in the extended injury time. Neither side looking like they want to attack.
  • 45' + 7'
    The ole's have started, as Panama strokes it around the back.
  • 45' + 5'
    That was... ambitious. Panama attempts a 35 yard blast that goes no where near the goal.
  • 45' + 2'
    Looks like Canada has adjusted to a 4-3- with De Jong on the left up top. Almost works right away as Canada gets a good shot off that Penedo does well to grab.
  • 45' + 1'
    No idea how much time is added on as it wasn't announced here in the stadium and the fourth official didn't indicate. Should be substantial, though.
  • 45'
    Canada's truying to lob balls over the top to the fast strikers, but it's not working as of yet.
  • 42'
    Ricketts gets a weak header in the general direction of the goal after a brief spell of Canadian possession.
  • 40'
    Have to wonder why no one was on that post. The ball could have easily been cleared if someone was there.
  • 38'
    Just like that, Panama takes the lead as the header bounces in off the far post. Pandemonium ensues at the Rommel Fernandez.
  • 37'
    Corner to Panama now as a good lofted ball to Tejada forces a block.
  • 36'
    De Jong hits it well over and it's cleared for a throw in.
  • 35'
    Corner for Canada. The well driven cross is headed out by the Panama defence for another corner from the opposite end.
  • 34'
    Perez with an awful header that went well wide instead of on frame. Panama is owning the left side of attack as their smaller players focus on the giant Edgar at right back.
  • 32'
    Bernier back on the field after some rather obvious gamesmanship in stretching out his injury.
  • 31'
    Looks like Canada is taking a page out of its hosts books.
  • 30'
    Some real end-to-end stuff here now, with Panama next in line, along their effort is well wide from Perez.
  • 29'
    Canada marcghes right back down the field and, after some good combo play in the middle of the field, forces Panama GK Penedo in smother in front of Ricketts.
  • 28'
    Panama comes CLOSE as a chip-shot just goes wide. You have to think that this frenetic pace will only help the hosts, especially as the crowd stays involved.
  • 27'
    Match has opened up now, with the ball moving around quickly.
  • 25'
    On the counter, Hirschfeld is forced into a big save for Canada as as point blank header gets sent his way. The bouncing ball eventually goes out for a goal kick.
  • 24'
    And just like that Canada gets the first real chance of the match. De Jong just misses and Jackson cann get a foot on it for the tap in.
  • 23'
    AssistArmando Cooper
  • 23'
    GoalR. Blackburn
  • 23'
    Canada is without arguably its two best attackers in Occean and De Rosario now, although they do have the fastest pairing possible in Roicketts and Jackson,. Changes things hugely.
  • 22'
    Game is back on.
  • 21'
    SubstitutionDwayne De Rosario Tosaint Ricketts
  • 20'
    Players are keeping warm on the field, and meanwhile it looks like Tosaint Ricketts is going to sub in for an injured De Rosario.
  • 14'
    The lack of electricity only affects the lights, as the crowd has lost no steam at all. If anything, they've picked things up.
  • 11'
    The clock is still running, of course, so look for huge amounts of added time at the end of this half.
  • 9'
    Even if they fix the light issue immediately, it's going to take at least a few minutes for these massive bulbs to heat up to full power.
  • 7'
    And now some of the floodlights have gone out, just as Panama was on the attack. Look for a bit of a delay here.
  • 7'
    This looks to be a chippy one bodies flying ariound everywhere.
  • 6'
    Canada gets it into the Panama area for the first time, with a DeRo cross from the left getting dealt with by the defence.
  • 4'
    The Panamanian crowd is cheering EVERYTHING its team does, including just completeing simple passes. Crowd is looking to assert itself into this match.
  • 2'
    A dangerous gball already finds its way through the Canadian area, drawing LOUD oooohs from the crowd. Canada will need to sustain early pressure here.
  • 1'
    Canada kicks off, and we're underway!
  • It's absolutely deafening in here now as the officials go through the pre-game ceremony with the two captains.
  • Anthems are done. Moments from kick off here in Panama.
  • Here we go. FIFA anthem, then the national anthems. Place is buzzing.
  • Panama finally makes an appearance, with just under ten minutes to go before kickoff. La Extrema Roja greets the team in style.
  • The Canadian subs are now on the bench, drawing a chorus of boos from the home crowd.
  • Canada just finished their warmups, but Panama decided against warming up on the field (aside from the keepers). They did the same on Friday at BMO Field. A strange tactic.
  • It's a real party atmosphere in here, with fans having been in the stands for the past 2 hours. A local DJ has been blasting music the entire time, and it feels more like a concert than a crucial World Cup qualifier here.
  • Canada starting XI: Hirschfeld; Edgar, Hainault, McKenna (c), Jazic; De Guzman, Hutchinson, Bernier, De Jong; De Rosario, Jackson.
  • Panama starting XI: Penedo (GK); Dasent, Torres, Gomez, Perez, Cooper, Henriquez, Quintero, Blackburn, Henriquez, Baloy (c).
  • Canada beat Panama last Friday at BMO Field with a quick free kick goal that seems to have galvanized the Panamanian public. The words "cheat", "cheap", and "weak" have been thrown asbout to describe Canada's goal, as well as other adjectives that I'd rather not repeat here.
  • It's very warm and muggy here in Panama City, and as stated it is very loud inside the stadium. The Canadian team has had to deal with a hostile environment since it arrived two days ago, included a street party outside the team's hotel last night that lasted until 4am local time.
  • Welcome to's live play-by-play commentary of Panama vs, Canada. I'm Rudi Schuller (@RudiSchuller) and I'm at very loud Estadio Rommel Fernandez.