Caf fines Ethiopia after fan misconduct

The east Africans' fans took exception to the referee's decision to send off their goalkeeper during Monday's 1-1 draw with Zambia, and have now been sanctioned
The Caf has fined Ethiopia $10,000 (€7,500) following ugly scenes in the stands during their Africa Cup of Nations clash with Zambia on Monday.

The east Africans' fans were unhappy with the referee's decision to send off goalkeeper, Jemal Tassew, in the 31st minute after a collision with Chisambu Lungu.

Both players fell to the ground, requiring medical assistance, and the 23-year-old custodian was dismissed while being carried from the field of play on a stretcher.

In response to the referee's decision, Ethiopia fans began booing the officials and throwing objects, including flags and vuvuzelas onto the pitch.

The referee was forced to wait for the fans to calm down before clearing the edges of the pitch and restarting the match, which eventually finished as a 1-1 draw.