Arsenal's Szczesny in awe of attacking ability in Premier League

The shotstopper has hailed the scoring ability of side in England's top flight, claiming that the talent to produce goals and unpredictability makes it the most impressive league

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has claimed that Premier League boasts the most impressive attacking talent in the world.

Last season saw numerous high-scoring games, with the likes of Manchester City beating rivals United 6-1, or the latter beating Arsenal 8-2 just two examples.

The Polish keeper claims that the unpredictability of the league has made it a great spectacle, and feels that the attacking mentality of top-flight sides have opened up the competition allowing the lower teams to take valuable points off of the bigger sides.

"I think you just have to give credit to the attacking players in the Premier League – some of the players we have in this country are as good as there have ever been and that’s why you see teams scoring and conceding a lot of goals," Szczesny told the club's official website.

"I like to believe that football is becoming more of an attacking game and it’s good for the league. It’s so tight that everyone goes into a fixture believing they can win it, no matter who they’re facing.

"Look at Wigan when they beat both us and Manchester United - they went for it, and got their rewards. It’s becoming more offensive, the mindset of players and teams is different and the quality is as good as we’ve ever had."