England squad in store for noisy nights and swarms of girls, warns Krakow deputy mayor

Roy Hodgson's men have been told they will have to contend with plenty of attention from locals during the day at their Euro 2012 training base in Poland
England's players should expect a lot of noise and attention at their Euro 2012 training base in Krakow, the city's deputy major has warned.

The Three Lions opted to be based at a city centre location for the tournament after complaints over boredom at their isolated training camp in South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.

However, Krakow deputy major Magdalena Sroka has informed Hodgson's men that they will have to contend with noise from dozens of bars and restaurants at night, and swarms of hysterical fans during the day.

"During the night, Krakow is a noisy city," she told Associated Press. "For sure it's not a peaceful and quiet and empty city. This is a city full of energy and full of life.

"The players can only have problems with the girl fans, I believe.

"For sure, they are handsome. For sure, a lot of girls will like [to] watch them and look out for them at the city at the main market square.

"I am sure no one will be like very aggressive - they'll just want to touch [the players] and have an autograph."

However, England goalkeeper Joe Hart says the squad will embrace the busy environment and make the most of the local culture.

"You can never replicate the home environment but, in terms of being free to go for a coffee or to the shops, we should embrace it, even though it has never been done before," he said.

"We're looking forward to staying in a central location and getting out and about to embrace the local culture."