Tardelli saddened by Scommessopoli but does not expect Italy to withdraw from Euro 2012

Cesare Prandelli has claimed that he would be willing to pull his Azzurri squad out of the tournament in the wake of the match-fixing scandal that has engulfed Calcio
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assistant boss Marco Tardelli is saddened by the latest match-fixing scandal to rock Italian football but does not expect the Azzurri to withdraw from Euro 2012.

Italy coach Cesare Prandelli has claimed that he would have no problem pulling his squad out of the tournament in light of the controversy caused by Scommessopoli, which has already claimed one first-team player in the shape of Domenico Criscito.

Former Azzurri midfielder Tardelli finds the whole affair embarrassingly familiar but does not foresee his compatriot following through on his threat.

"No, I don't think so. Italy are very important," the World Cup winner told reporters on Friday. "They will be in Poland because there are only some players involved. Not everyone in Italian football is involved.

"I am surprised [by Prandelli's comments], but maybe sometimes he says some things to pressure the players and the people that are around the team.

"I am very sad but I have lived many times this situation. This also happened in 1980, when many players were disqualified.

"We need to clean the situation because if it carries on it is very bad for football and the Italian people.

"I like to stay out of Italian football in Italy but I want my people recognised for the right reasons. They are honest people."

The 57-year-old Tardelli represented his country on 81 occasions, scoring seven goals, the most memorable of which came in the 1982 World Cup final win over West Germany.