Pearce wants Hodgson talks over young England stars

The Under-21s manager says that the players need tournament experience rather than call-ups to friendlies with the senior side to improve and for the team to be competitive
England Under-21 manager Stuart Pearce is hoping for talks with Roy Hodgson as he looks to have more players made available for selection.
In recent months the likes of Phil Jones, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Raheem Sterling and Wilfried Zaha have all been called up to England's senior team for friendly matches, thus missing important qualifiers for the Young Lions.
With the quality of the squad significantly reduced when their best players are called up to the senior side, Pearce argues it makes it a lot harder to be competitive.
He said: "I've always said the same thing, unless you take your strongest squad you can't be competitive.
"We've had support [from Hodgson] in some ways, but doing my job, I'd probably prefer a bit more support in regard to the players.

"It's not just for my personal point of view, but I honestly feel that giving these players tournament experience will benefit the seniors in the long run.

"We also have resistance from clubs on the odd occasion. But I've got my own mentality when it comes to what's going to help our senior team win a World Cup or European Championships.

"I just have to look at the Spanish and the French. They all do the same, they build from the bottom, build up and then, eventually, they win the World Cups and European Championships.
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"It's experience of a tournament, that's how I see it. We have to get these players from the age of 16 or 17 and give them as much tournament experience as we humanly can.

"So when they step on that senior stage they have had two, three or four tournaments. That's what you have to do so they can eventually go into the seniors with that mentality.

"[But] that's down to Roy really. If he deems he wants those players with him in Brazil then so be it. If he says to me they are available then I certainly wouldn't turn them down.

"They would make my team a lot stronger."

The former Manchester City boss does not feel that it should be down to him to be making suggestions about younger players remaining with his side for tournaments, instead imploring those above to make the correct decisions for the future of English football.

"It should be driven from the top, not driven from me," Pearce continued.

"What we'll end up doing is getting some time together in April to speak about it. By that stage I'll be looking to hone that squad. We will see who is fit and who needs tournament experience and collate the squad from there.

"We went down the same route six years ago when David Bentley pulled out the squad because he didn't want to burn out over the summer. Now I can't remember the last time I saw the kid play a game."