Platini: Goal-line technology too expensive

The former France international has no intention of introducing technology to the game as he believes the use of additional referees is a sufficient alternative
Uefa president Michel Platini has once more stressed that he is against the use of goal-line technology as he feels the pros do not outweigh the cons.

The Frenchman believes introducing technology in competitions such as the Champions League, Europa League and the European Championship is too expensive, and he would rather invest in the grassroots and development of football than spend big on goal-line technology.

"It is not a question of goal-line technology, it is a question of technology. Where do you begin with the technology and where do you end with the technology? Technology is helpful but we have to draw the lines on certain things," the Uefa president told reporters.

"To put goal-line technology in our competitions would cost €50 million in five years. I prefer to give €50m to the grassroots and development in football rather than to put €50m into technology for perhaps one or two goals per year. That's a lot of money per goal.

"We supported the additional referees which are now accepted by the international board, and with the referee one metre from the line I think if he has good glasses he can see if the ball is inside the goal or outside."

Fifa is currently testing goal-line technology at the 2012 Club World Cup in Japan.