Kahn: Germany need to be more like Spain

The legendary Roten keeper has expressed his opinions on why his national squad have recently struggled on the international stage, and how he feels they can improve
Former Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn has explained how he thinks the Spain national side have found their success by taking some characteristics of Germany and why Joachin Low's men are having certain troubles now.

According to a blog post of his on Fanorakel.de, the 43-year-old explained that the three-time world champions have difficulty facing "physical" players.

"You can't solve every situation with technical skills," said Kahn, "It's no coincidence that we struggled against players like Balotelli, Ibrahimovic and Drogba."

The decorated keeper then proceeded to compare his national team to La Roja, saying: "Spain has German virtues like willpower, tactical discipline, tackling strength and to never give up," adding, "[Spain] have recognised that every offensive team can only succeed if they attack right after they have lost the ball."

The 86-cap international keeper then finalised his entry, saying: "The world and European champions have proved that the beauty of the game doesn't need to suffer from the offense not playing with these virtues."

Kahn retired from international play in 2006 and domestic play in 2008.