Team By Team

  1. Buriram Utd
  2. Central Coast Betting: City early title favourites
  3. Cerezo Kakitani ready for European adventure
  4. F Marinos
  5. Guangzhou Gilardino: Prandelli could have called
  6. Guizhou Match report: Wanderers 5-0 Guizhou
  7. Guoan
  8. Jeonbuk Motors Taggart targets promotion with Fulham
  9. Kawasaki Honda: Japan needed to win
  10. Mel Victory Delpierre is hungry Victory's latest winner
  11. Pohang Famous final-day title deciders
  12. Sanfrecce Match report: Wanderers 2-0 Sanfrecce
  13. Seoul Match report: Mariners 0-1 Seoul
  14. Shandong
  15. Ulsan Yong: Korea ready for Russia
  16. Wanderers Betting: City early title favourites