Fifa representative Costaskis Koutsokoumnis says Indonesia FA congress "went smoothly"

The Cyprus FA president feels that Indonesia might escape a Fifa sanction, as congress participants voted for the Super League to remain as the top tier league in 2014

Cyprus Football Association president Costakis Koutsokoumnis, who was present at the recent Football Association of Indonesia's [PSSI] extraordinary congress as a Fifa representative, was full of praise as to the manner in which the meeting was held. 

The latest congress was a last-ditch effort by PSSI to stave off a possible sanction by Fifa for the problems that have been plaguing the domestic football scene.

The world's football governing body will be holding a meeting to decide on PSSI and Indonesia football's future on March 20.

“The congress went smoothly and it was a success and they are able to conduct the next congress," Koutsokoumnis said.

"As a result of this congress, Indonesia might escape from any possible calamity."

Almost congress participants voted for the proposal presented by Indonesia Super League [ISL] chief executive Joko Driyono, as they rejected the one from Indonesia Premier League [IPL] CEO Widjajanto. 

Joko had called for the ISL to remain as the country's top-tier division and invited four clubs from the IPL to join the eighteen ISL teams in the Super League for the 2014 campaign.

The 18 ISL clubs will include the current 15 clubs and a further three who will be promoted at the end of the current season. 

The first two seasons will see two clubs being promoted from the second tier while four bottom-placed teams will be relegated.

As a result, there will be a maximum of 18 clubs for the 2014 season and from then on, the league will revert to the traditional three teams for promotion and relegations.