Opinion: France hammer nails in Holger Osieck's Socceroos coffin

Australia's coach will not the survive the latest humiliation inflicted on the green and gold, with a nightmare result in the City of Lights set to snuff out Holger Osieck's reign

Merci, mes amis. What did we do to deserve such gratitude? The last time we played you, Kevin Muscat tried to kill Christophe Dugarry.

And yet you repay us with this wonderful gift, a result to free us of the tyrant Holger Osieck.

The dashing, courageous French throwing off German oppression? Another Australian sports team unable to even put up a fight? What in the world is going on?

In defence of the players, the Socceroos were unlucky on Friday, at least initially, but Holger won't be if he gets the sack next week.

Apologists for the man and his misdeeds ask how you can contemplate dismissing a coach who secured World Cup qualification on the strength of two poor friendly results.

But the demands for change have never been about one or two defeats.

They were about the systematic failures of Osieck's regime and they remain so after the 6-0 thrashing at the Parc des Princes.

Win, lose or draw in Paris and the issues would have persisted. Over-reliance on ageing players. An endemic lack of faith in the next generation. Tactical ineptitude. And, if the rumours from reliable sources are to be believed, non-existent man management compounded by lethargic, uninspiring training sessions.

To use the age-old football cliche, Holger has lost the dressing room. It's time to say a long overdue 'auf wiedersehen', and we have an on-song Les Blues side to thank for handing Frank Lowy and David Gallop a loaded pistol.

If they decline to pull the trigger, utter humiliation awaits the Socceroos in Brazil. And the tireless work done by so many to improve the standing of football in this country stands at risk.

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