Opinion: Suarez's time at Liverpool should be over

Sham Majid believes that - after his latest infringement - Luis Suarez's time at Liverpool should come to an end
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So here we go again.

Just as we thought the dust had settled on Luis Suarez's indiscretions and that he was finally earning the plaudits for all the right reasons on the pitch, a crazy rush of blood saw the Liverpool forward sink his teeth into the arm of Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic in the second half of Sunday's English Premier League match.

While referee Kevin Friend missed the incident, the countless cameras around Anfield detailing every minute movement of the players certainly did not. While Liverpool vociferously argued last season that there were no incriminating evidence to suggest Suarez did in fact racially abuse Manchester United full-back Patrice Evra, the evidence captured on cameras this time was plain for all to see.

So what now for the embattled Suarez? Should Liverpool take the moral high ground and offload their silky forward or should the Reds simply leave the matter for the Football Association to handle?

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers immediately condemned Suarez for his actions and hinted that no player is bigger than the club itself. Managing director Ian Ayre also rebuked Suarez and revealed that the player will be fined a whopping £300,000 fine for his latest offence.

However, what is telling is Ayre also lauding praise on his star player, with the Liverpool chief declaring that "He's everything we'd want in a striker."

While Suarez is arguably one of world football's finest attackers, he is clearly becoming more of a liability.

Having already had his career marred by his penchant for diving, the racist charge, the infamous handball incidents from the 2010 FIFA World Cup and against Mansfield this season, Suarez can now expand the 'biting' section of his increasingly shoddy CV.

Suarez, of course, has already fancied a taste for human flesh, having bitten PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal on the shoulder during a match with Ajax in November 2010.

Nicknamed 'The Cannibal of Ajax' by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Suarez's Hannibal Lecter instincts again came to the fore last Sunday.

Enough is enough. Liverpool should throw the book at Suarez and offload the controversial Uruguayan. He is not worth the trouble.

With the FA having already charged Suarez for violent conduct, it is a given that he will now miss the rest of the season and possibly the beginning of next campaign as well.

Suarez's bite on Ivanovic is the latest black mark on the Uruguayan's checkered CV.

When Suarez was found guilty last season of racially accusing Evra, he was slapped with an eight-match ban and Liverpool clearly struggled without their talismanic forward.

It now seems likely that, given his previous indiscretions, the FA will impose the full weight of the law and Suarez is now likely to be forced to sit out for an even longer spell.

So what is the point of sticking with a player who will be of no use to the Reds on the pitch for a seemingly long time?

Liverpool, a proud club with strong working-class traditions, are planning to stick by their man as he prepares to incur the full wrath of the FA.

While Suarez appears to be genuinely remorseful of his actions, Liverpool will bound to feel heavily let down by their key forward's actions, particularly after the club's class and reputation took such a heavy battering when they backed Suarez during the racial abuse drama.

There is no guarantee that Suarez that will not re-offend again, as history has proven time and again.

While indulging to the whims of a player is common practice in football, Liverpool should realize that Suarez is not worth the effort and trouble anymore.

On the pitch, the Reds will now struggle without the incisiveness and predatory instincts of Suarez.

Off the pitch, the once-classy brand of Liverpool takes another embarrassing turn for the worse.

With many European heavyweights already circling around Suarez, now would perhaps be the best time to finally cash in on the troublesome Uruguayan and to start afresh with a hefty transfer war chest.

A club can always rope in new blood, but once the reputation of a prestigious institution such as Liverpool is torn to shreds, it will struggle to be redeemed.

It is a pity that, while Suarez grabbed his 30th goal of the season against the Blues last Sunday, Liverpool's spirited comeback against Chelsea was overshadowed by another unsavoury episode generated by their talisman himself.

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