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Sky Blues fans want him gone but does the former Socceroos boss deserve to be fired? John Greco says Farina should go but Iain Strachan argues it would be the wrong move.

The Case For Farina (Iain Strachan)

If Sydney FC sack Frank Farina now they will be caving into pressure from supporters and rebel players, and demonstrate a lack of unity and purpose within the club's administration.

A-League teams are fortunate. They are free from the spectre of relegation and associated financial problems that stalk teams in Europe, South America and elsewhere.

Changing the coach now might bring Nick Carle, Matt Thompson and others back into line and give the Sky Blues a better chance of finishing in the top six.

But even if they made the change, it would take a minor miracle for Sydney to actually do anything in the finals.

No, this season is a write-off. The only way it will get worse is if David Traktovenko, Tony Pignata and Scott Barlow give in and sack Farina.

Because if they do, it will be the fans holding up banners in The Cove and prima donna players disobeying instructions who are running the club, rather than its owner, chairman and chief executive.

By all means, show Farina the door in the off-season.

But not until a thorough review of the football department has taken place and a better head coach identified.

The change must be made on the board's terms if they are to have any hope of retaining credibility and control of their club.

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The Case Against Farina (John Greco)

Thanks for your efforts Frank but your services are no longer required - and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

It might sound a bit harsh but that seems the only option now if Sydney FC are to prevent themselves becoming the basket case of the A-League – if they are not already there.

The Sky Blues, known widely as the competition's glamour club, are a shambles and something has to give.

While I've been one to champion the need for stability in the halls of Moore Park – after eight coaches in less than nine years – it doesn't appear that will happen with Farina at the helm.

Just look at the events on and after Saturday night's 'home' match against Adelaide United.

Not only were there the embarrassing result and toxic crowd atmosphere, but then the ugly fallout with experienced duo Nicky Carle and Matt Thompson in the days afterwards.

There has to be a change and it starts at the top.

While I'm not condoning the buffoon who decided he'd rather throw his beer over Farina than drink it, you can't blame the fans for feeling frustrated.

After years of the same crap and mediocrity they have had enough and things must be bad when supporters start throwing away their beer, even if it is only the over-priced, mid-strength stuff.

After Farina was appointed midway through last season the Sky Blues did improve, and finished seventh and just outside the finals thanks largely to the exploits of Alessandro Del Piero.

He promised a new-and-improved possession and passing-based game this season but hasn't delivered, with Sydney arguably the slowest and most predictable side in the league.

Despite a club-record winning run earlier this season, they are still stuck in seventh but heading in the wrong direction.

Whether Del Piero – who is believed to be interested in taking the reins – is the right choice is an argument for another day.

But improvement starts with a single step and the first of those should be letting Farina go.

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