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The Reds' Spanish boss caused a stir by launching a personal attack on a member of the local media during a tense confrontation, as the pressure begins to tell at Coopers Stadium

Tension between new Adelaide coach Josep Gombau and the local South Australian media has turned personal, with the Spaniard calling a journalist's son a 'sh*t goalkeeper'.

Gombau has been under-fire after guiding the Reds to just one win from nine attempts to date in the 2013-14 season, his first in charge of the Coopers Stadium club.

Formerly affiliated with Barcelona's famed academy structure, Gombau has continually preached that performance and development is more important than results at this stage of his tenure.

And in a heated exchange at the end of his press conference on Friday, he accused News Limited reporter Val Migliaccio of having an agenda against his leadership.

Josep Gombau: "I blame you, not them."

Val Migliaccio: "Don't blame me, blame the results. People aren't happy with you guys only winning one game."

JG: "You, you are putting them (ideas in people's heads)."

VM: "You can't take the scrutiny. If you keep losing you're going to read stuff you won't like. You've got to harden up and the guys in the club have got to tell you to harden up."

JG: "I know your history and ... I know that your son is a sh*t goalkeeper."

Migliaccio, whose son plays as a goalkeeper in South Australia, later told Fox Sports the Adelaide coach had gone too far in their disagreement.

"When one of my boys is targeted, that's when he's over-stepped the mark," he said.

When asked if Gombau had ever seen his son play, Migliaccio said: "I highly doubt it. He's a first-team goalkeeper in the South Australian state league. Josep has met my son once and that is it, highly unlikely that he's ever seen him play. I've never seen him there, put it that way."

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