Brisbane Roar to wait and see on Kofi Danning

The wide attacker is back at Suncorp Stadium as he seeks to recover from a long-term knee injury, but there is no guarantee the club will attempt to regain his services

Brisbane Roar are nursing former player Kofi Danning back to full fitness, but it remains to be seen if they will seek to re-sign the Ghanaian-born forward.

Danning, 22, joined Belgian club CS Vise in August 2012, but his European adventure came to an abrupt halt when he suffered the second anterior cruciate ligament tear of his career earlier this year.

The former Sydney FC player has since returned to Australia to take advantage of Brisbane's offer of assistance in his lengthy rehabilitation.

"One of the things we pride ourselves on is looking after Brisbane Roar people," head coach Mike Mulvey told Goal Australia.

"Kofi had a bad experience overseas with injury and we've invited him back in to get himself sorted out. He's been a Brisbane Roar player in the past. He's a good young player, he's a good young man and we're helping him with his rehabilitation. He's at our place at the moment getting ... expert medical help.

"He's quite some way off from even training. I'd say he wouldn't be able to train until well into the New Year."

CS Vise and the Roar are both owned by Indonesian-based company Bakrie Group, meaning it may be possible for Danning to gain a release from his two-year contract with the Belgian second-tier club and orchestrate a long-term return to Queensland.

"We're investigating that situation at the moment," Mulvey said in regards to Danning's contract.

"It's a tricky one because he's picked up the injury, he's come home and we're trying to work out and ascertain exactly his full position.

"Our main focus is to enable him to get back to full fitness, so we're going to afford him the opportunity to use our medical staff and we'll get him back to full fitness before we decide what he's going to do in the future."

When pressed on whether or not the Roar would be keen to sign Danning permanently in the future, Mulvey said: "It's a long bow to draw that one, because he's such a long way off full fitness."

"He's basically not even a third of the way through a full knee reconstruction, so as far as playing is concerned that's a long way over the horizon for him. He just needs to get some regular treatment and that's we're going to help him do."

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