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Osieck critical of Socceroos' World Cup qualifying draw, but will not 'cry' over it

The German has hit out at the Socceroos' draw as they bid to win a place in Brazil, but said his men would not 'sit in the corner and start to cry' Indonesia   By SPORTAL

Socceroos coach Holger Osieck has slammed Australia's AFC 2014 World Cup qualifying draw, with three away matches in their first four group games.

Osieck's men have drawn 0-0 away to Oman and also drew 1-1 at home to Japan, but have upcoming trips to Jordan on Tuesday [Wednesday morning Australian time] and Iraq on October 17, leaving it tough for his side to set up their qualification campaign with a positive start.

But while the German was damning of Australia's draw compared to other nations in his group, he said his men must not dwell on it.

"I always tell you it's definitely not a pleasant one [the draw], as other teams, they have a decent start regarding their play dates, but they put us into that [position] I don't know for what reason," Osieck said from Amman, where he is preparing his side to meet Jordan.

"What can we do? Should we sit in the corner and start to cry? So we have to accept and we have to play."

Osieck said while their 3-0 friendly win over Lebanon on Friday could be misconstrued as a comfortable victory, he said he side was made to earn the win in a tough environment.

"We had a good game against Lebanon, but we won't get deceived by the score. We had to work for it very hard, and our boys performed very well so it's not that Lebanon were so poor, I think you have to give them a lot of credit," he said.

"They really tried to play some good football, but that day our team really performed well."

The tactician said he backed his players' experience to handle the conditions in Amman, saying they had the maturity to cope with adversity.

"I think first of all we are mentally very strong," he said.

"Secondly, we know pretty well that games are decided on the pitch, and not on Twitter or whatever blog you may recall. So people don't decide, it's still the teams on the pitch."

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