Boban blasts 'the worst AC Milan of the Galliani era'

The former Rossoneri midfielder tore into Massimiliano Allegri, Kaka and Riccardo Saponara after Sunday's 1-0 derby defeat to Inter
Zvonimir Boban has labelled the current AC Milan side as the worst of the Adriano Galliani era.

The former Rossoneri midfielder, who currently serves as a pundit on Sky Sport Italia, was enraged by his old club's performance in Sunday night's 1-0 loss to city rivals Inter, singling attacking midfielders Kaka and Riccardo Saponara out for special scorn.

When it was put to Boban that Milan were still "a serious club", Boban countered: "No, it used to be a serious club."

The Croat then claimed he had never seen a weaker Milan side since Silvio Berlusconi had come to power in 1986 and put current CEO Adriano Galliani in charge.

"I have never seen Milan being run in a less serious manner than it is now," Boban fumed. "It's the worst of the Galliani era.

"I don't think that Milan will finish in the top three of Serie A this season. They haven't played any good matches yet.

"Last season, Milan were playing well even in some of the matches where they didn't get any points. You don't see that now."

Boban then tore into the players, as well as coach Massimiliano Allegri, claiming the Rossoneri boss had been shown up by his Inter counterpart Walter Mazzarri.

"Milan definitely helped Inter to win this match," the 45-year-old claimed. "Mazzarri was more ready and better at changing his team in the second half.

"Saponara and Kaka barely did anything today. Saponara made one good pass to Balotelli, and Kaka didn't make any at all."

Ex-Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf has reportedly been lined up as a potential successor to Allegri but Boban dismissed the idea out of hand.

"I hope for Milan and for Seedorf himself that he doesn't become Milan's coach," he stated. "He's not ready for it."