De Rossi brands Delio Rossi 'embarrassing'

The midfielder has hit out at the Sampdoria coach, who was dismissed after an altercation with Nicolas Burdisso
Daniele De Rossi has called Delio Rossi's actions during Sampdoria's 3-1 win over Roma "embarrassing", after the coach was dismissed towards the end of the match.

Rossi had a heated exchange with Giallorossi defender Nicolas Burdisso, during which he allegedly stuck his middle finger up at the player, resulting in his dismissal.

"I must say that Rossi was a little over the top, embarrassing even. He took the populist route by raising his middle finger against a player. If that was me, I'd ask myself a few questions," the midfielder told reporters after the match.

De Rossi also spoke about the disappointment in the Roma dressing room after the defeat, and said he was looking to find his rhythm again after a difficult spell under previous coach Zdenek Zeman.

He added: "Disappointment reigns supreme in the dressing room but what comforts us is that we can still bounce back.

"I can and must do more, I failed to play two or three games in a row between September and October and now I have to find my rhythm. With Mr. Zeman, we always talked about problems or incompatibility, due to my supposed lack of desire to train or play on the field.

"I had a civil relationship with him, but of course, I am sorry that I was not playing and I am convinced that we could both have done better."