Bundesliga clubs record €2 billion turnover

Fourteen of the 18 clubs in Germany’s top-tier have made a profit as the league boasts a post tax income of €55m and a total revenue that is over seven per cent up from last season

Bundesliga clubs have announced a record turnover of over €2 billion, with a net income that is 7.2 per cent greater than last season’s figures.

The total earnings for the clubs in the league was marked as €2.081b, which was up from the 2010/11 number of €1.941b.

The Deutschland Football League (DFL), also announced that as many as 14 of the 18 teams in the division have enjoyed a profitable year.

“The foundations for this successful path are financial good sense as well as targeted investment in sporting efficiency and infrastructure,” DFL chief executive Christian Seifert told reporters.

“The Bundesliga is well equipped to deal with the challenges ahead.”

The figures were inflated by Bayern Munich’s run to the Champions League final, which reportedly earned them €41.7m.

Germany's second division also boasted an improvement of 7.4 per cent with a turnover record of €384.5m.