Extra Time: Masked Mancini laughs off pressure

The 47-year-old had ducked his media responsibilities after losing his cool at the end of his side's Champions League draw with Ajax, however saved some face with a joke on Friday

The Manchester City manager's job. If it's not questions about possible transfer targets or eyebrows being raised over your European credentials, then it's probably Mario Balotelli blowing up some fireworks.

Not easy, eh?

Well, the man in the hot seat, Roberto Mancini, has taken a light-hearted and very well-spirited approach to calls that he can't cope with the pressure.

After storming onto the pitch following City's Champions League draw with Ajax, first-team coach David Platt instead turned to face questions from the media last week - sparking questions about the reason for the Italian's absence.

However, Mancini was back in the spotlight on Friday, and made quite the entrance sporting a mask picturing his assistant's face, while asking journalists: "Do you prefer David or me?"

The 47-year-old then explained: "People have been asking about my mood and if I have been upset. But I had a meeting last week and that was the only reason I didn't come to the press conference."