Zamparini: Ancelotti does not understand football, Pastore is a phenomenon

The outspoken Palermo owner has slammed the Parisiens' coach for not getting the best from the former Rosanero player, and is glad that PSG lost recently in the Champions League

Maurizio Zamparini has hit out at Carlo Ancelotti for not using Paris Saint-Germain attacking midfielder Javier Pastore correctly.

Zamparini sold the 23-year-old Argentina international to PSG in the summer of 2011 for a reported €42 million and some have said that he has not lived up to his billing.

The Italian businessman was asked about his thoughts on Pastore's career since his arrival in Ligue 1 by

"Pastore is not a flop. Pastore is a phenomenon. It's Ancelotti who does not understand damn football," he said.

He went on to revel in the club from the French capital’s defeat in the Champions League to Porto signalling that there might be some animosity between the Italian coach and himself.

"I'm glad they lost in the Champions League, it will teach him to play Nene behind the two strikers instead of Pastore," he said.