Magath defends tough Wolfsburg training regime

The experienced coach spoke about his controversial training techniques, Diego's future, and his side's Bundesliga title aspirations ahead of the new season
Wolfsburg coach Felix Magath has defended his no-nonsense approach to pre-season training, and spoken about how he constantly tries to push his players to their limits.

The 58-year old told Bild, "My job is to develop players through training. I'm annoyed then about every player who does not develop, who does not reach his potential."

"I can not say 'I do not want any more'... Everyone can do more than he thinks".

When asked what he thought about the nicknames 'Qualix' and 'Saddam' that have been assigned to him, Magath replied, "I'm an Asterix fan. So I can smile about Quälix."

Magath also spoke about Diego and Simon Kjaer's future, after both players spent last season out on loan, to Atletico Madrid and Roma, respectively.

"Players like Diego or Kjaer are no longer on the market in August. If they are not sold by then, they will stay with us."

The coach has high aspirations for the coming season, and believes that his side could challenge for the title if they play to their best ability.

"I cannot make predictions. We definitely want to perform alongside the best in the league. If we are close to the level of the best, we will also be in contention for the title."

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