Jose Mourinho on Asian football success: 'I think your time will arrive'

The Real Madrid coach was in Singapore to meet the recipients of the Peter Lim Scholarship and took time to share his personal philosophy and candid views on football
A visibly jaded Jose Mourinho spent less than 30 minutes with journalists at 1-Altitude Bar in Singapore, where he was the guest-of-honour at the Peter Lim Scholarship promotion event, but he was not short on his trademark wit and insight on football.

When asked what made the game tick, Mourinho pointed out that goals alone had the ability to win fans over.

"Make the fans be back by scoring a lot of goals," said the Real Madrid coach. "Because football is about goals and the team with more goals is the team that plays more spectacularly.

"It's about goals. If i go to a football match and it is 0-0, because I'm a football fan I'll be disappointed.

"But because I'm a football coach, I can find in a 0-0 many good things because I study the game not as a fan. But if I look at the game as a fan I won't like it. The most spectacular things about football is goals."

Mourinho was also quick to reference his own record-setting team to make a case for his point.

"In this last season, a team beat all the records for goals and scored 121 goals. I think that's the thing," the coach said about his Liga-winning Real Madrid squad. "And maybe lucky, but I was the coach of that team. So that's my philosophy."

The former Inter Milan coach also touched on the future of football in Singapore, but admitted that his knowledge on Asian football was limited to infrequent trips to the region with his various club sides.

"If you have the passion, the [right] number of men that play that sport, [you have a chance]," explained Mourinho. "You need infrastructure, you need organisation, you need good coaching."

But the former Fifa World Coach of the Year winner was frank on the current stature of Asian football in general.

"In many sports Asia is top of the world," said Mourinho. "You see results in the Olympics. Asian sports people have loads of success. In a lot of other sports North Americans are in front of all of us but that's because of cultural reasons.

For football, you have a long way to go but you have the most important thing, which is passion. I think your time will arrive."