Casillas: Mourinho and Del Bosque are opposite characters

The Real Madrid captain has said that his club coach and the national trainer are very different people, but insists he enjoys working with both
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Iker Casillas has admitted to Vicente del Bosque and Jose Mourinho being completely opposite characters though he added he has now warmed to the Portuguese' way of doing things.

The 31-year-old has worked with Del Bosque at both club and international level, and has been under the former Inter boss' tutelage at the Bernabeu since 2010.

However, he has now revealed that the two coaches have entirely different methods, but was quick to add that he has grown accustomed to Mourinho approach.

"The difference between Vicente del Bosque and Jose Mourinho is enormous," Casillas told TF1.

"I have known Del Bosque since I was 12 years old at Real. Later I was lucky enough to meet him again with the national team, so it is safe to say we know each other extremely well."

"He is more of a calm person, with a peaceful character, which you cannot quite say about Mourinho," Casillas continued.

"However I have learnt to appreciate Jose in the past two years. The relationship between coach and captain must always be fluid and although we admittedly have some disagreements, we are in accordance most of the time.

"The media tend to exaggerate the tense moments, but this is something you have to live with at Real."

Casillas is the captain of both Real Madrid and Spain, and has been a fixture for both club and country for over a decade.
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