Juventus' Agnelli: The days of big-money transfers are behind us

The Bianconeri supremo believes that the global recession will influence the football world, as he hailed Juve as one of the most successful teams ever in the game
Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has voiced his opinion that mega-money transfers are something of the past as he feels the global recession will take its toll on the football world in the next few years.

Agnelli believes that it is inevitable that clubs will change their spending pattern, but is confident that fans will continue to attend games, regardless of the economical situation.

"I think the days of big-money transfers will be phased out," Agnelli stated at the London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit.

"But the most important element - the fans - will still continue to go to the games. Sport is about dreams and emotions and is a way of escaping the problems of the real world."

The Bianconeri boss then went on to stress that the Serie A champions are one of the most successful clubs in the world.

"When we talk about Juventus it’s a matter of pride. It is one of the most successful football teams and the longest-lasting family franchise in the world of sport. My family has overseen 29 title victories since taking control of the club in 1923."

Juventus missed out on the domestic double on Sunday after losing 2-0 to Napoli in the final of the Coppa Italia.