Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo - the final Head-To-Head: Barcelona star comes out on top

In the last instalment of's Head-To-Head, we look at how the votes were split and what the readers thought
Throughout the 2011-12 league campaign, has been running a monthly Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head special where we asked you to vote for the best performer each month based on the statistics, Player Ratings and expert analysis compiled.

With the Liga season drawing to a close last week, we wanted to find out who between the two superstars impressed the most.

In the eight monthly reader polls throughout the term, it was Ronaldo who emerged victorious, winning the series 5-3 overall despite trailing his rival 3-1 at one stage.

In our analysis of the last instalment of the Head-to-Head,'s five experts simply could not separate the duo as two of our editors picked Cristiano, two went for Messi, while one other deemed it was a tie.

However, in our final poll to the readers, there was yet again another contrasting outcome. When we asked you who you thought was the better performer in the 2011-12 term, 10,322 (55.05%) of the votes went to the Barcelona Pichichi winner, with the Madrid league champion collecting only 8428 (44.95%).

It has been another phenomenal season by the two best players in the world as both men backed up their multiple record-breaking feats with accolades. Our experts could not conclusively decide who was better throughout the season ... and neither could the readers.

       YOUR REACTIONS        

Abdi, Canada, on While Cristiano had a strong supporting cast this year the same can not be said of Messi. Indeed only he and Busquets stepped up to the plate this season. The idea that Cristiano scored at Camp Nou is beside the point. Messi is always man marked and has little space to operate while teams don't even bother about Cristiano, Barca case in point. Messi is top for me.

deni, moscow, on Messi as the standalone is probably the best, but Ronaldo killed him and Barca in La Liga and he had the Pichichi last season. I'm really puzzled. But as a Chelsea fan if I had a choice who to bring Messi or Ronaldo, last year it would have been Messi, but this year Ronaldo was a real inspiration, he proved that he can do it in the big matches. Despite the loss to Bayern he was sensational, unlike Messi v Chelsea. Ronaldo edges out a bit for me.

RAFI, Bangladesh, on Ronaldo scored in his last three visits to Camp Nou and most importantly scored the winner in a Clasico which practically gave Real the league title. Messi couldn't score in his last few clasicos. No more comparisons, these two spoke on the pitch and Ronaldo's voice was loud and clear! CR7 won personal duel with Messi and made people believe he is indeed a big game player (if there was ever a doubt)! Overall season more decisive more impactful a team player at the same time a one man team. Clear winner - RONALDO!!

Anthony, Australia, on I think both are great players but I have to go with Messi, he created and achieved more in less time than Ronaldo also, Messi is a team player, he plays with the team, Ronaldo is much more concerned about personal glory which I think slightly tarnishes himself as a footballer.

NourS. ‏@Noursedki28, on Twitter: CR7 was somehow better this season. He had the last laugh & took Madrid a giant leap towards La Liga title with a win at Camp Nou.

Alexander Bentil ‏@ABentil, on Twitter: I will put my money on Ronaldo. His goals help Madrid to clinch the league title.

Josh I.J ‏@Vydal42, on Twitter: Mourinho led Madrid to the Liga not Ronaldo...and Messi had the best individual season of the pair.. Messi is the right choice

Petar Kostovski ‏@PetarKostovski, on Twitter: Has to be Ronaldo. Scoring against all 19 teams and the decisive league-winning goal AT Camp Nou? Deserves it!

Mohammad Hisham ‏@Mo7dH, on Twitter: Ronaldo has had an unimaginable season but we just can't say he overcame Messi as Leo broke unbelievable records.

Bankole joseph ‏@bankycole2000, on Twitter: Lionel Messi is the winner, he scored 72 goals only this season, breaking records upon records with 3 trophies already, he's the best.