Delio Rossi: Attacking Ljajic was wrong but justifiable

The former Fiorentina coach has admitted that he made a mistake to punch the Serbia international, but reasoned that the midfielder went too far with his remarks
Delio Rossi has offered his apologies for his attack on Adem Ljajic during Fiorentina's 2-2 draw against Novara on Wednesday, but feels the midfielder crossed a line with his comments.

The Serbia international provoked Rossi after being substituted in the 32nd minute, resulting in the coach aiming a punch at the midfielder after pushing him back into the dugout.

"My action was regrettable, but humanly justifiable. I don't want to talk about what was said, because it would only seem as if I'm looking for excuses," Rossi stated at a press conference.

"I made a mistake and I apologise to everybody. To the team, to the players, to the club, and to everybody else. There are certain things you don't talk about, though. Especially not about my family.

"I demand respect for myself, for my work, for the squad I coach, and for my family. I was wrong, though, and apologise to the people of Florence."

Rossi was relieved of his coaching duties at Fiorentina following the incident and replaced by Vincenzo Guerini.