In France they are pretty racist too - Chilavert backs Suarez in Evra row

The ex-Velez, Strasbourg and Zaragoza goalkeeper stated that during his time in the European country, discrimination was a common occurence against South Americans
Paraguayan football legend Jose Luis Chilavert has thrown his weight behind Luis Suarez in the Liverpool forward's feud with Patrice Evra, pointing out that in the Manchester United defender's home country of France, racism is far from uncommon.

The 46 year old, who made 74 appearances for his country and appeared in two World Cups before retiring in 2003, spoke of the polemic case during a meeting in Montevideo with Uruguay President of the Nation Jose Mujica, who has also previously supported his compatriot.

Suarez attracted fierce criticism after first being found guilty of using racist language towards Evra, followed by fresh controversy when he refused to shake the United player's hand. According to Chilavert, however, the discrimination he experienced in France meant that Evra had no right to the moral high ground.

"I played in France, and they are pretty racist there too. They do not think highly of those who come from South America," the ex-Strasbourg stopper fired, in statements released by the office of the President. He added that in Uruguay, where he represented Penarol, he felt much more at home and had strong praise for the President.

"I have been treated brilliantly, and I feel like I am in my own country."

"[Mujica] is a very intelligent man, with great foresight and big plans for the country."

Chilavert was in the news last week after making strong criticisms against Diego Maradona, slamming the Argentine star's history of drug abuse.