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FIFA Club World Cup

  • 6 December 2012
  • • 21:45
  • • Nissan Stadium, Yokohama
  • Referee: D. Haïmoudi
  • • Attendance: 25174

Live Commentary

  • Full-time: Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1-0 Auckland City - The Japanese champions are through to the quarter-finals where they shall face the Al Alhy challenge.
  • 90' + 5'
    Hisashi, a Sanfrecce supporter, comments: "Well, we could have scored two or three goals, but Auckland was a tough and very concentrated team especially on defense. we couldn't break their defense easily... But again, it was a good start and I think Sanfrecce will be able to play with more confidence and create more chances and goals against Al Ahari. See you at Toyota stadium!!!!" That's it from us here at! Stay with us for the match report and ratings. Ciao!
  • 90' + 4'
    Paddy Higgs, chief editor of Australia, summarizes the action of the Kiwi side: City huffed and puffed in the final few minutes but could just not find the goal they so desired. It was yet another brave showing by Auckland, in what is the fourth Club World Cup. City's players were clearly a spent force at the final whistle, and the amateur club deserve plenty of plaudits for their performance.
  • 90' + 3'
    SubstitutionKoji Morisaki Naoki Ishihara
  • 90' + 3'
    Cesare Polenghi, managing editor of Asia, gives his final thoughts on the game: It was a good second half for Sanfrecce, they deserved the victory and should have actually scored more goals. Despite their coral effort, the game was decided by one individual effort. Hopefully for the home team, this was an ice-breaker, and we will see them again at their full potential in the quarterfinals. The hoped showdown with Chelsea in the final is one step closer.
  • 90' + 2'
    Dan Orlowitz says: Sanfrecce fans all happy to be here, mugging for cameras at the Yokohama Stadium.
  • 90' + 1'
    CHANCE! Auckland pass the ball around the edge of the Sanfrecce box. The ball falls for Dickinson whose shot goes just over the bar.
  • 90'
    Takahagio was clean through and one-one-one with the Auckland goalkeeper. Ivan Vicelich does well to comeback and make a last ditch tackle. Auckland survive
  • 89'
    Chance wasted! Sanfrecce break on a counter in a four against two situation to their advantage. However the chance goes wasted.
  • 88'
    An Auckland free-kick by Feneridis and one of his players just about got to end of it. Close!
  • 87'
    15 shots from Sanfrecce and 3 from Auckland. A decent cross from the left and Sato's header goes wide.
  • 86'
    Are we in for some late drama here? Auckland haven't created many chances today.
  • 85'
    OFF THE CROSSBAR! A corner-kick played short and the ball is sent to Ryota Moriwaki who has a crack on goal from the edge of the box. Williams is beaten for once and off the crossbar.
  • 84'
    Sanfrecce are keeping the ball well and are intent on adding to the scoreline.
  • 82'
    SubstitutionMihael Mikić Seok-Ho Hwang
  • 82'
    Mikic crosses from the right which is cleared away. Auckland would be pleased to see him go off.
  • 82'
    Cesare Polenghi says: What a cracker from Aoyama! Just what Sanfrecce needed, after blowing two massive chances. Brilliant for the young midfielder, I am quite sure a few European clubs have already put their eyes on him, after this! He is quality, indeed.
  • 81'
    The official attendance has been 25174
  • 79'
    Tade is put through for Auckland but his tame effort from a tight angle trickles through to the keeper
  • 79'
    Another free-kick for Sanfrecce due to Iwata's handball. Takahagi took the free-kick this time around which is cleared away by the Auckland defence on the second attempt.
  • 77'
    SubstitutionManuel Expósito Presseguer Emiliano Tade
  • 77'
    Paddy Higgs of Australia comments on Auckland's play: City paid the price for falling asleep and backing off for the goal, handing Aoyama far too much space for him to shoot. The arrival of Corrales - with Tade coming on, he should add much needed pace to City as they bid for an equaliser. It has been far too static for the New Zealand side up front, and Sanfrecce have had little trouble containing City's front three. That must change if Auckland are to find a way back.
  • 75'
    Takahagi is fouled and earns a free-kick just outside the box. Takahagi does a dummy and Koji's free-kick goes wide with the goalkeeper rooted to his spot.
  • 74'
    Auckland haven't really tested the opposition goalkeeper enough. They haven't seen much of the ball either.
  • 72'
    Shout for a penalty but referee turns a deaf ear to it. Feneridis' free-kick saw an Auckland player head it for Corrales who goes down into the box.
  • 71'
    Yellow Card Satoru Yamagishi
  • 71'
    What can Auckland do now? Can they score the equaliser so that the game goes into extra time?
  • 70'
    Yamagishi gets a yellow card for a foul on substitute Luis Corrales.
  • 69'
    Auckland trying to push forward now but now Senfrecce counters with Mikic and sends a cross in which is cleared
  • 67'
    SubstitutionDaniel Koprivcic Luis Corrales
  • 66'
    Assist Ryota Moriwaki
  • 66'
    Goal Toshihiro Aoyama
  • 66'
    A positive substitution from Ramon Tribulietx as Daniel Koprivcic is being taken off for striker Luis Corrales
  • 65'
    GOAL! Toshihiro Aoyama breaks the deadlock for the Japanese champions. He gets the ball around 30-yards out and after a touch, he lashes it into the top corner giving no chance whatsoever to the brilliant Williams.
  • 64'
    DOUBLE SAVE! A cross from the right saw Sato's header being saved by Williams. Off the rebound, Koji's attempt from point blank range was kept out by the Auckland custodian. Outstanding goalkeeping
  • 61'
    A free-kick to Auckland and one would hope that they can get out of their own half for once. It's been one-way traffic so far
  • 60'
    SubstitutionKohei Shimizu Satoru Yamagishi
  • 60'
    Sanfrecce still controlling proceedings but unable to find that elusive opening goal
  • 59'
    Kohei Shimizu makes his way out and in comes Satoru Yamagishi in the midfield. The linesman shows number 58 much to the surprise of those watching as there is no player with that jersey number!!
  • 58'
    Auckland haven't made a single attacking foray in the second half.
  • 57'
    TOP TACKLE! A though ball from the Sanfrecce midfield and Sato gets behind the Auckland defence. A crunching tackle from Berlanga which just about manages to keep the danger away.
  • 55'
    Sanfrecce have 57% ball possession. They need to make it count. Much better play from them after the break.
  • 54'
    Sanfrecce are trying to get their through ball past the opposition but they haven't been able to as the Kiwi side have been good defensively.
  • 53'
    Moriwaki has a go from range but it's a tame effort
  • 51'
    The very next minute Mikic's cross saw Koji rise above his marker at the far post and his header was just about kept out by the impressive Williams. Auckland players need to thank him for keeping that one out.
  • 50'
    Yellow Card Albert Riera
  • 50'
    Reira tugs Koji down and the home side win a free-kick. They pass the ball among themselves and a shot from the midfield from Takahagi comes off the post. Auckland survive
  • 49'
    Hisachi, a Sanfrecce fan says: "Well, to be honest, I wanted to see Hisato score. But not bad so far, I believe we got a good rhythm controlling the game. We made some good side attacks especially from Mikic though Auckland City stopped the Takahagi-Hisato line effectively. Hope to see the first goal ASAP!!! Go Sanfrecce!!!!"
  • 48'
    You can hear the Sanfrecce supporters make some noise now. Good to see some support after a listless first half action.
  • 47'
    Yellow Card Hiroki Mizumoto
  • 47'
    Mizumoto earns a booking for fouling Andrew Milne. Poor start for the home side in the second half.
  • 46'
    Auckland gets us underway in the second half.
  • Cesare Polenghi on the first half action: It took 37 minutes in 2011 for Kashiwa Reysol to break through AC's defense in their 2-0 victory. A whole half not enough for Sanfrecce, playing very stiff and not finding Sato. They'd need to do better in the second half if they are to top the fiery Kiwis.
  • Half-Time: Sanfrecce Hiroshima 0-0 Auckland City. It's not been the best of starts to the Club World Cup and the goal-line technology has not been brought into action as yet. Join us in another ten minutes or so for second half action.
  • 45' + 1'
    Sanfrecce have had 54% of the ball possession but no goals to show for their efforts as Auckland have been solid in defence.
  • 45'
    Paddy Higgs of Australia says: City will firmly believe they are a chance now. Stood fast during some nervy opening stages, but grew in confidence and more than held their own by the end of the half. Sanfrecce may still look the most likely to find the back of the net, with Exposito and Co. having little sight at goal. But City will like their chances of keeping their opponents at bay and then swooping when the chance arises. An Auckland City fan @GregorUhlmann believes City "needs some pace" up front, and he may well have a point.
  • 45'
    42' Auckland haven't been impressive but they have done almost everything right in defence so far, frustrating the J-League champions. It helps that luck has been on their side as well
  • 44'
    The Japanese side haven't looked in full flow, as pointed by Cesare. They have conceded too many free-kicks to the opposition and not made the corners count.
  • 43'
    Mikic's crosses from the right and Sato nearly gets to the end of it. That was close!
  • 42'
    Cesare Polenghi, an expert on Asian football says: Sanfrecce not playing with the natural flow they have been showing throughout the season in J.League. Sato hasn't connected with the midfielder yet and thou they're the dominant side, the hosts have not gone very close to scoring. They are probably adapting to the more physical football of the Kiwis, and also they are understandably nervous.
  • 41'
    Short corner from Sanfrecce there but no luck there as well as Williams collects the ball safely.
  • 40'
    An Auckland City fan @Gregor Uhlmann confesses to some unease: "Nervous start from ACFC," he tweeted. He is right, too, though City have settled now and are patient in their approach. Bale's shot failed to test Sanfrecce goalkeeper Nishikawa, but they are at least getting within range.
  • 39'
    Mikic's crossed from the right and Sato headed it down which was cleared by the Auckland City defence.
  • 38'
    Yellow Card Ángel Berlanga
  • 38'
    A quick one-two between the Hiroshima players but the Kiwi goalkeeper does well to collect.
  • 37'
    Angel Berlanga is booked for a tackle on the opposition player. He isn't that impressed with the referee's decision.
  • 35'
    Mikic wins a corner for his side. Takahagi's delivery isn't great as easily cleared by the Kiwi defence. The home side have had 5 corners while Auckland have had just one.
  • 34'
    Alex Feneridis' free-kick is wasted yet again as he floats it among the crowd. The Hiroshima goalkeeper does well to collect it.
  • 33'
    A long ball played into the opposition half saw Mikic make a run but an alter Williams comes off his line to avert the danger.
  • 32'
    Mikic brought down there by Dickinson. Lucky to escape a booking there the Auckland striker.
  • 31'
    Free-kick to Auckland City from 25-yards out. Alex Feneridis' slams hit straight to the wall. Poor attempt from the midfielder.
  • 29'
    From the corner, the ball falls to Sato in front f goal from 6 yards out but his effort is straight at the keeper
  • 28'
    CLOSE! Iwata could have scored a goal for the Japanese side! A cross from the left takes a deflection and comes across the face of the goal. Iwata almost scores an own goal but credit to Williams who made a save. Iwata cleared the danger the second time.
  • 24'
    Auckland City aren't allowing the Japanese side to create any clear cut chances. Some good tackling there.
  • 22'
    Dickinson has won a free-kick for the Kiwis. Alex Feneridis's free-kick is disappointing to say the least as he floats the ball straight into the hands of Shusaku Nishikawa.
  • 21'
    Sanfrecce hits the post but it was an offside anyway
  • 20'
    Takahagi receives treatment on the pitch..
  • 19'
    CHANCE! Takahagi hits the woodwork straight from the corner! The rebound is saved by Williams
  • 18'
    Mikic threaten down the right flank again and wins another corner
  • 17'
    Paddy Higgs, Australia chief editor, says: Auckland City found it hard to win and keep possession in first 10 minutes. Sanfrecce using their space well and City's Japanese full-back Iwata has been particularly exposed when the J-League team break forward.
  • 15'
    Hisashi Sanfrecce Supporters from stadium: "I just can't still believe that my club Sanfrecce is in CWC playing against other world famous clubs!! I and my family including my little 1 year-old boy, are so so excited!!"
  • 14'
    Sato almost put through but the Kiwi defence blocks the pass
  • 11'
    Mikic wins another corner for Sanfrecce but nothings comes of it
  • 7'
    Sanfrecce produce the first chance of the game but Williams makes a good save down to his left
  • 5'
    The Japanese side are dominating possession so far, knocking the pall around neatly
  • 4'
    Auckland City can't seem to get out of their half at the moment
  • 2'
    Free-kick was headed away and a shot from range goes well wide
  • 1'
    Hiroshima on the front foot straight away and win a free kick on the right hand side
  • 1'
    And Sanfrecce Hiroshima get us underway...
  • The winner of this play-off will go the quarterfinals and face Egypt's Al Ahly who are the African Champions
  • This might interest some of you. Auckland's lineup has a Japanese namely Takuya Iwata. Cesare Polenghi, Managing Editor of Asia, says: There's a small number of Iwata's high school classmates here to support him but no organized Auckland support
  • Dan Orlowitz at the venue says: The lower level of the Yokohama stadium is filling up, lots of fans waiting outside. The weather is chilly cold, but dry.
  • Auckland City Subs: 1 – Jacob Spoonley GK, 2 – Simon Arms DF, 4 – Riki Van Steeden – DF, 6 – Jason Hicks MF, 7 – James Pritchett – DF, 10 – Luis Corrales – FW, 17 – Pedro MF, 18 – Liam Anderson GK, 19 – Daniel Saric MF, 20 – Emiliano Tade FW, 21 – David Brownie FW
  • Hiroshima Subs:: 2 - Hwang Seokho DF, 9 - Naoki Ishihara FW, 13 - Takuya Masuda GK, 16 - Satoru Yamaghishi MF, 18 - Ryuichi Hirashige FW, 20 - Hironori Ishikawa MF, 21 - Yutara Hara GK, 22 - Tsubasa Yokotake DF, 25 - Junya Osaki FW, 30 - Shinji Tsujio DF, 33 - Tsukasa Shiotani DF, 35 - Koji Nakajima MF
  • Auckland City: 12- Tamati Williams GK, 3- Takuya Iwata DF, 5 - Angel Berlanga DF, 8- Christopher Bale MF,9 - Manel Expositio MF, 11 - Daniel Koprivcic FW, 13- Alex Feneridis MF, 14- Adam Dickinson FW, 15 - Ivan Vicelich DF, 16 - Albert Reira MF, 22- Andrew Milne DF
  • Here are the starting lineups: Sanfrecce Hiroshima: 1 - Shusaku Nishikawa GK, 4 - Hiroki Mizumoto DF, 5 - Kazukiko Chiba DF, 6 - Toshihiro Aoyama MF, 7 - Koji Morisaki MF, 8 - Kazuyuki Morisaki MF, 1 - Hisato Sato FW, 14 - Mihael Mikic MF, 15 - Yojiro Takahagi MF, 24 - Ryota Moriwaki DF, 27 - Kohei Shimizu MF
  • Hello, and welcome to's LIVE! coverage of the Club World Cup play-off clash between Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Auckland City at Yokohama International Stadium, Japan.