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A change in format will see the competition feature 16 clubs and from from odd-numbered years to match the European calendar

On Wednesday Conmebol confirmed a change in the format of the Copa America.

From 2019, the tournament will have 16 nations with six guests invited to join the South America contingent of 10. Spain are likely to be one of the nations invited.

The decision follows a request from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). The competition, which will be held in Brazil, will feature all 10 Conmebol nations: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. They will be joined by six other teams.

As in recent previous editions of the tournament, the majority of those invited are likely to come from North America and Asia.

However, media in Spain is are reporting that a host of European nations are in contention to make a Copa America debut, including Italy, France and Portugal.

In addition, Copa America 2019 will be the last to be held in an odd-numbered year.

The South American confederation want the tournament to be played in even-numbered years, which would see the calendar shift to match that in operation in Europe.

In 2020, a competition in the United States, similar to last year's Copa América Centenario, will be held in order to transition the change of calendar, and later tournaments will then be played every four years from that date.