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President Jose Maria Marin has expressed his pride at the unveiling of the Selecao's new training complex, which coach Luiz Felipe Scolari says can rival any in the world

CBF president Jose Maria Marin has revealed his pride following the unveilling of the newly redeveloped Granja Comary training complex, where Brazil will be based for World Cup 2014.

The site, based in Teresopolis near Rio de Janeiro, now has 39 suites, a barber shop, luxury meeting room and multiple training fields.

And both Marin and coach Luiz Felipe Scolari have expressed their delight at the reopening of the site, insisting the players will want for nothing in their new surroundings.

“I've been here before with Scolari and [technical director Carlos Alberto] Parreira,” said Marin.

“They told me that it was appropriate to prepare the Selecao for the 2014 World Cup, but that all the facilities were outdated. This left us with facing the challenge of building it almost from scratch.

"And today, I stand here proud and privileged to deliver to our coaching staff, and especially our players, the new Grange Comary.”

Scolari joked that the complex was so impressive that he was willing to foot the bill for his own room, adding that the facilities exceed some of those enjoyed at Europe’s top teams.

“There is even more here than at some of the players’ clubs,” he said. “In addition to that, the Granja will offer the affection which can only be found here in Brazil.

“At a time like this I can only be thankful. First to have been chosen to lead the team into the World Cup which is being held in our country and then to see all this infrastructure at our disposal."

Scolari will announce his 23-man World Cup squad on May 7.