Gilette Brasil Global Tour

In part two of Gillette Brasil Global Tour's exclusive interview, the Blues forward discusses the Stamford Bridge factor and the contribution of Neymar

Gillette Brasil Global Tour: Does it help to have some of your Chelsea team-mates in this Brazil team?

Oscar: It helps a lot. I already knew them from playing for Brazil - so I got to know them more on international duty as I wasn't at Chelsea yet. So I already knew [David Luiz and Ramires] but we're now obviously much closer friends and they have helped me a lot.

GBGT: What's Ramires like as a player and as a person?

Oscar: He's a really humble guy - a great guy - whom I personally admire a lot. And that’s not just on the pitch bit off the pitch too as he's an incredible person. On the pitch there's no need to talk about his fighting spirit - he always gives 100 per cent in every game. I like Ramires and I admire him a lot.

GBGT: What about David Luiz?

Oscar: David Luiz is also a great player. More than anything he's a great guy off the pitch too. He's the person who always gets everyone together here in London - he likes everyone and he helps everyone. He helped me a lot when I arrived here. He's a guy who I admire, too.

GBGT: Who's the biggest joker amongst you?

Oscar: This one's not even up for debate - David is clearly the biggest clown. He's a natural comedian and he makes us all laugh.

GBGT: There seems to be an incredible team spirit amongst you all ...

Oscar: We all get on very well in this national team. It's incredible - all the players genuinely like each other. And we try to help each other as much as possible in the games. That was a huge help in the Confederations Cup and I think that spirit will only be of benefit to us in the World Cup.

GBGT: What does Neymar bring to the team?

Oscar: He brings joy as always. He's a guy who has got a lot of attention ever since he started at Santos. I think the Brazilian people are very fond of Neymar for the fact that he stayed at Santos for so long and stayed in Brazil. That's very cool for him. Now he's at Barcelona. He's a guy who helps us all out on the pitch too. And we all like Neymar a lot - it doesn't need me to say what a great guy he is - and he's going to be a big help for all of us

GBGT: How does he cope with the fame?

Oscar: Very calmly. The fame thing is more of an outside issue. He's very calm, even though I'm sure he feels it, as everywhere he goes he's asked for a photo or an autograph. He can't go anywhere. So he's aware of it but he's a pretty chilled guy. He prefers being with us because he feels he can be more normal around us. So he's a cool guy and another one who makes us all laugh.