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The Gillette Brasil Global Tour is taking the legendary Brazilian national team around the world, bringing you the latest news and interviews from wherever the Selecao kick a ball

In the first part of our exclusive interview, Brazil star Oscar talks Felipao, his childhood hero Kaka and admits that to lose the World Cup at home to famous rivals Argentina would be unthinkable.

Gillette Brasil Global Tour
: What was it like to make your debut for Brazil?

Oscar: "It was very cool - my debut was against Argentina which is one of the great world derbies. It was just great to wear the Brazil shirt in the senior team for the first time. I'd already worn it before playing for various age groups in the youth teams but it’s very different playing for the Brazilian first team."

GBGT: Is there a player who was a great inspiration for you or who you mirrored yourself on?

Oscar: "As I said, when I was a little boy I was a big Sao Paulo fan so I've always followed Kaka from a very early age. And I know that I play in the same position as him so he was my hero ever since I was little. I used to love watching him play."

GBGT: Brazil have improved greatly over the past few months - what has changed since Luiz Felipe Scolari took over?

Oscar: "A lot has changed. But it's not just about him - things have changed with the emergence of this new generation. Felipao came in and organised the team. It's a young side and one that is going after its dream - we wanted to win the Confederations Cup and we won it and now our main objective is to win the World Cup in Brazil. I'm sure we have everything to win it."

GBGT: What's he like as a coach?

Oscar: "Felipao is one of the best coaches in the world. He's already won a World Cup and he knows what it takes to be involved in this competition. He's putting together a really good team and I'm sure that he'll help us a lot."

GBGT: Do you think for another team to win this World Cup they will have to beat Brazil?

Oscar:" Yes, I think to win the World Cup in Brazil then they're going to have to beat Brazil. They'll have to play out of their skins because we're going to do everything to win this World Cup. And we're going to run until the very end and then we've got the Brazilian fans with us too. So to beat Brazil at home it would have to be a historic game and very difficult but I'm sure this won't happen. I'm sure we'll bring this World Cup home."

GBGT: What if it's Argentina who do it though?

Oscar: "Don't even think about it! Argentina won't win even if hell freezes over! We'd never let them win! [laughs] They're a great team but Brazil won't let that happen."

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of our exclusive interview, when Oscar talks Neymar and his Chelsea teammates.