Gilette Brasil Global Tour
October 12, 2013 12:00 PM BST
Seoul World Cup Stadium — Seoul
Referee:‬ R. Irmatov‎
Attendance:‬ 65038‎
Neymar Jr. 44′
Neymar Jr. 44′
Oscar 49′
Oscar 49′
90' + 3'
FULL-TIME: South Korea 0-2 Brazil
90' + 2'
Anti-climactic it was from the Leverkusen star, who after kissing the ball, gets it knocked straight into the wall, before it's lashed over the bar. Not great at all.
90' + 1'
Into additional time at the Seoul World Cup stadium, as Dani Alves concedes a free-kick on Son Heung-Min, who incidentally, will take the set-piece.
Handball call against substitute Yun Il-Lok who clearly controls the ball with his arm,attempting to get past Dante, as Maxwell attempts to clear. Bit of complacency from the Selecao.
Long ball forward from Lee Keun-Ho towards Son Heung-Min but Jefferson races off his line to control the ball well. Not put a foot wrong in this game.
Brazil look forward to another international friendly on Tuesday, as the 'Brasil World Tour' gathers pace. They face former African champions Zambia at the Bird's Nest in Beijing.
Substitution Chung-Yong Lee Il-Lok Yun
SUBSTITUTION - South Korea: Lee Chung Yong replaced by FC Seoul's Yun Il Yok, playing on his home turf.
Ko-Yo Han ploughs forward in the search for a consolation goal, and finds Lee Yong advancing from the right. But the delivery is unbelievably poor, well above the goal.
Substitution Marcelo Maxwell
Korea's attacking endeavours have begun to wane as the game enters its twilight period. Ko Yo-Han in a decent position bullied off the ball by Ramire as the hosts are forced back Brazil in complete control.
SUBSTITUTION - Brazil: Maxwell of Paris Saint-Germain replaces Marcelo, who has enjoyed a rather effective performance tonight.
YELLOW CARD - Lee Chung Yong: He's finally managed to pick up a yellow card after fouling Neymar for the umpteenth time this evening. It's about time!
Substitution Oscar Bernard
SUBSTITUTION - Brazil: Goalscorer Oscar comes off after another productive evening, and is replaced by Shakhtar Donetsk's Bernard.
Yellow Card Chung-Yong Lee
Substitution Bo-Kyung Kim Yo-Han Ko
SUBSTITUTION - South Korea: Kim Bo-Kyung of Cardiff replaced by Ko Yo-Han.
HERNANES! Good effort from the Lazio midfielder, but his low shot is rather tame for Jung to deal with.An easy save.
Quarter of an hour left in Seoul, and Scolari's Brazil look good value for their lead here. Marcelo and Daniel Alves operating more centrally at the other end, both cutting in off the flanks.
Lee Yong has had a tough evening up against Neymar, but the Barcelona forward absolutely bamboozles the full-back with a couple of neat stepovers. Nevertheless, Neymar's delivery into the box is poor, flying behind the goal.
The hosts continue to pile on the pressure, as Lee Chung Yong races to the byline to deliver in a low cross which David Luiz - immaculate at the back tonight - clears.
The Korean Fooball Association (KFA) has just announced tonight's attendance at the Seoul World Cup stadium as 65,300 - a record for this stadium, built for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
Substitution Luiz Gustavo Lucas Leiva
Woah. Korea almost catch out Brazil with that hurried corner. As the substitutes made the field, the hosts immediately took the set-piece, heading just wide of Jefferson's goal. Imagine the protests if that had gone in.
SUBSTITUTION - BRAZIL: Lucas Leiva and Hernanes come on for Luiz Gustavo and Paulinho. Like for like.
Substitution Paulinho Hernanes
Korea continuing to battle and win a corner for his efforts. Ki Seung Yong with the presence on the left of the midfield, as Brazil began to be rattled.
Almost an immediate impact from Son Heung-Min, as he is fed a through ball from Ki Seung-Yong. Powers past his marker but Dante on hand to use his strength to press him wide.
Substitution Koo Ja-Cheol Heung-Min Son
SUBSTITUTION - South Korea: A rapturous applause comes up as Ja-Cheol Koo departs to be replaced by Leverkusen star Son Heung-Min.
Korea continue to venture forward as Keun-Ho picks up the ball on the edge of the area and attempts to locate a winger, but Ramires pressurises the forward into a wayward pass.
Lee Yong provides a rather delicate pass into the middle for Ki Seung Yong to perhaps fashion an opening, but a poor touch puts paid to the South Korean's move, as Brazil press from the back.
Decent delivery from Lee Keun-Ho who forces Dante into a smart header away, with Lee Chung Yong lurking on the far side. Brazil still need to contend with the threat shown by the South Koreans on the counter.
LUIZ GUSTAVO! Fantastic delivery from Neymar, towards Gustavo whose powerful header is at the death diverted over by Lee Yong. Another chance goes begging for the Selecao.
Lovely bit of skill from Neymar who completely bamboozles Lee Chung Young with a rather silly nutmeg. Meanwhile KIm Bo Kyung reprimanded by the referee Ravshan Irmatov.
Brazil by no means the finished article, as David Luiz highlights his poise and composure at the back. They still have PSG defender Thiago Silva missing, so too Fred and Julio Cesar.
Free-kick to Korea on the right hand side. A good area to put pressure on Jefferson. Ki Seung Yong over the ball, and the anticipation builds.
Corner delivered in well towads Dante, who rises highest to power a wayward header to the right of the Korean goal. Not the best from the Bayern centre-back.
Marcelo providing a powerful presence on the left, attempting to dribble past his opponent, but eventually he wins a corner for his efforts.
Substitution Dong-Won Ji Keun-Ho Lee
SUBSTITUTION- South Korea: Lee Keun-Ho comes on for Sunderland's Di Jong-Won.
Oscar goes down under no challenge, but looks like he's been hit on the face by the ball, and requires some attention. He'll be OK, in time anyway.
Oscar's 7th goal for the Selecao, and it's a wonderfully worked goal there. Paulinho to Oscar, into the net by virtue of one super pass. Game over it seems for the Koreans.
Assist Paulinho
Goal Oscar
Assist Paulinho
Goal Oscar
GOAL - South Korea 0-2 BRAZIL - OSCAR! Wonderfully weighted pass from the middle towards Oscar. Defence splitting pass from Paulinho sees it towards Oscar who races past the goalkeeper and into an empty net.
South Korea turning up the pressure already as Kim Bo-Kyung makes good progress on the right. Cross delivered in, cleared by Dante but only towards another Korean player, before Luiz mops up.
SUBSTITUTION - BRAZIL: Hulk replaced by Chelsea midfielder Ramires.
Substitution Hulk Ramires
UNDERWAY AGAIN! Brazil attacking from right to left in this second half, and immediately Brazil are forced on the back foot, as Dante forces Jefferson to slide the ball away.
The sides are out for the second half in Seoul, where it has just gone 21:00 local time. Brazil have made a substitution, more on that in a second.
HT: KOR 0-1 BRA - Brazil head into the break 1-0 up courtesy of an exquisite Neymar free-kick. It's been a tough game out there in Seoul, with the hosts spurning a couple of decent chances. But all to play for in this second half.
45' + 1'
HALF-TIME: South Korea 0-1 Brazil
45' + 1'
DAVID LUIZ! Great chance for Brazil to make it 2-0. Lovely chipped free-kick from Neymar towards the Brazil captain, but it's not a clean take, as he fires it into the side netting.
A total of ONE MINUTE added on to the end of the first half.
Goal Neymar Jr.
Goal Neymar Jr.
27th goal for Brazil, as Neymar sparks up an otherwise edgy and otherwise competitive fixture. He's been fouled again, this time by Lee Yong - who conceded the free-kick of moments ago.
GOAL! South Korea 0-1 BRAZIL - NEYMAR! Stunning free-kick, and it's unsurprising that has come from the star of the Selecao. Fine free-kick, at a decent height for the goalkeeper, but it slides past Jung in the Korea goal.
Free-kick to Brazil. Jo drops deeper to see more of the ball, combining well with Neymar who races in off the wing. Fouled by Lee Yong, the right back who has done well today, what can Brazil make of this free-kick?
The friendly takes a bad turn as Marcelo takes a hand to Lee Chung Young's face, as the tension builds between the players. No booking - but then again, it is supposed to be a 'friendly'.
Neymar effectively being kicked out of this game, as he is again upended by Lee Chung Young who comes in with a very late challenge. Lucky not to have been booked, but it's a final warning.
Luiz Gustavo does well to find Neymar on the left hand side,but the winger fails to get past his marker, before Gustavo is forced to clear the ball amidst pressure from the midfield.
Seven minutes to go until half-time, and Korea continue to really limit Brazil's creativity at the other end. Neymar and Oscar haven't really shined in this first half, whereas Jo has barely got a look-in.
Free-kick to Brazil as Hulk is fouled on the edge of the area under pressure from Kim Young-Gwok. THe South Korean defender has fared well up against the Zenit star.
Marcelo makes good progress coming in off the left wing and into the penalty box, but appears to be upended after a challenge from Han Kook Young, but referee says no penalty.
Nice effort from South Korea's Kim Bo-Kyung who is fed the ball on the edge of the area, and sees his effort well saved by Jefferson.
A few boos from the crowd as Ja Cheol is reprimanded for a late challenge on Hulk, if anything looked like minimal contact. Referee orders the players to get on with it as Brazil break, but it fails to materialise into anything special.
Oscar in a nice little bit of space just outside the box, hoping to tee up Jo in front, but a wayward pass puts paid to his side's attacking venture as David Luiz belts a ball over the top.
Neymar unhappy with Lee Chung Young after a little swipe at the Barcelona forward, who didn't seem happy that the winger clipped his boots. Half an hour gone at the Seoul World Cup stadium.
Korea piling on the pressure. Another deep corner, headed away by Luiz towards Di Jong Won who turns in on his right, past Marcelo, but his low shot deflected off the Chelsea defender and out for a corner.
Another corner for Korea as Ki Sung Yong delivers in deep, with an inswinging corner and it's headed behind by Marcelo.
CHANCE FOR KOREA! Exquisite delivery from the right, as Lee Chung Young whips in a teasing ball over from the right. Luiz goes up with Ja Cheol and Jefferson and heads over his own bar. What a chance. And a great defensive header.
Hulk tees up Oscar slightly on the right hand side, but the latter loses a bit of composure under pressure from defender Kim Young-Gwok as Luiz Gustavo is reprimanded for a challenge.
OSCAR! First real moment from Chelsea attacking midfielder, who provides a couple of good touches before lifting his right-footed effort over the bar. The Korean defence seemed to step off from attempting to tackle the player!
Hulk bemused after conceding a free-kick despite challenging Kim Bo-Kyung on the right flank. The referee, nevertheless awards a free-kick to South Korea.
Offside call against South Korea as Lee Chung-Yong attempts to break through on the right hand side. Brazil to start from the back, as Dante and Luiz combine possession.
Twenty minutes gone in Seoul, and it remains Korea 0-0 Brazil, a couple of good chances for the Selecao so far, but they've failed to test Jung severely in this first half so far.
NEYMAR! Fantastic pass, across the middle for Hulk to give chase on the right, but an almighty tackle from Ki Sung-Yong to track back and provide a neat interception. But what a pass from Neymar.
Yellow Card Ki Sung-Yueng
YELLOW CARD - Ki Sung Yung - the South Korean midfielder is booked for a late challenge on Neymar. First caution of this international friendly.
KIM Bo-Kyung! Lovely move from South Korea, but again the pass in the final third is poor. A fantastic pass from Koo Ja-Cheol who provides the pass out wide, but he allows the ball to go over the touchline before delivering in a pass.
Hulk provides a neat header to release Alves on the wing, but Young-Gwon Kim ensures that no delivery is made into the box. Korea continue to absorb some pressure, to the delight of the fans in Seoul.
CHANCE FOR BRAZIL! Lovely save from Jung, as an alert defence hurriedly gets rid of the ball in the danger zone. Lovely ball towards Hulk but the winger cannot lift the ball over the goalkeeper.
Indecision by Jefferson in the Brazil goal as he cheekily chips the ball over Ja Cheol towards Marcelo, who cannot shake off the Korea captain. Eventually, the ball is deflected behind for a corner, which fails to materialise into something serious.
NEYMAR! Decent free-kick, it looked like an effort on goal as the ball diverts towards the keeper, who makes a smart save on the line.
Alves moving gingerly after receiving a blow to the mouth but the right back will be OK, as Brazil begin to settle into their usual rhythm. Korea doing well to push them back at the moment though.
Lovely ball forward from Dani Alves, but it's neatly cut out by Young-Gwok Kim, who intercepts the pass before it arrives at the feet of Jo. Alves is on the floor though after a late challenge.
MARCELO! Cleared hurriedly by the Korean defence. Lovely delivery in from the left, headed on towards Marcelo, but hoofed away by Jeong-Ho.
Foul on Neymar, after Han Kook-Young produces some shirt pulling on the Barcelona star. The Selecao haven't really got going yet.
Korea seeing a good bit of the ball in these opening exchanges. Kim Jin Su and Ki Sung Yeong combining on the wing, but this time the ball hurries out of play after a poor pass.
JA CHEOL! Good effort, dragged wide. Great run from Ki Sung Yeong on the left, with options on the overlap. Into the path of Ja Cheol, and it's fired wide. Good chance.
Good movement from Brazil as Kim-Jin Su tries to limit Brazil's creativity down the right, as Paulinho and Hulk link-up.
KICK-OFF: Uzbekistan referee Ravshan Irmatov gets s underway as South Korea attack from right to left. Eight months to the day that the 2014 World Cup gets underway!
The sides are out at Seoul, as David Luiz, tonight's captain introduces the team to a couple of dignitaries. Kick-off imminent.
TEAM NEWS: Neymar starts for Brazil, on the flanks with Hulk, as Jo leads the line, Oscar in behind in what appears to be a 4-2-3-1 formation. Son Heung-Min on the bench for Korea.
SOUTH KOREA: Sung-Ryong, Jin-Su, Jung-Ho, Young-Gwon, Yong, Kook-Young, Sung-Yueng, Bo-Kyung, Ja-Chul, Chung-Yong, Dong-Won
BRAZIL: Jefferson; Daniel Alves, David Luiz, Dante, Marcelo; Luiz Gustavo, Paulinho, Oscar; Hulk, Neymar, Jô.
Brazil meanwhile continue to fine-tune their preprations for a home World Cup with two consecutive wins - a 6-0 win over Australia, and a 3-1 victory over Portugal last month, adding to the 1-0 reverse they suffered against Switzerland after that Confederations Cup triumph.
Nevertheless, South Korea are on a poor run of form, picking up one win in their last seven games, and just three in this calendar year. A 4-1 friendly win over Haiti failed to address the issues surrounding Myung-Bo Hung's men.
Needless to say, both of these sides have qualified for the FIFA World Cup, with Brazil continuing their preparations as host, and South Korea winning their Asian pool to become the third side to ensure qualification back in June.
Good morning and welcome to today's live commentary of the international friendly between South Korea and Brazil, live from the Seoul World Cup stadium in the South Korean capital. I'm Mohammed Ali, and I'll be guiding you through this encounter.