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March 25, 2013 7:30 PM GMT
Stamford Bridge — London
Referee:‬ H. Webb‎
Attendance:‬ 35206‎
90′ Fred
I hope that you have enjoyed's LIVE coverage of Brazil's last-gasp 1-1 draw with Russia this evening, I've been Simon Harrison, and I hope to see you all again next time!
Capello remains unbeaten at the Russian helm, whereas Scolari's men scrape a result at the death to keep the pressure on their shoulders from growing too heavy.
Well, that's it! Howard Webb calls time and that is that! Brazil manage to snatch a late, and probably deserved, equaliser against Capello's Russia. Goals from Fayzulin and Fred provided the entertainment at Stamford Bridge.
90' + 3'
OOH! CHANCE! Grigoriev is bundled to the floor in the Brazilian area, and Kerzhakov is unmarked at the back post, but he mishits his effort at goal!
90' + 1'
As I said earlier, Fred only needs one chance! Now Brazil are chasing the game fanatically! Russia really have their backs to the wall now, they're desperately trying to clear the ball.
Assist Marcelo
Goal Fred
GOOOOOAL! FRED! Out of nowhere! Marcelo is picked out by Hulk, he squares it to Fred who taps the ball home!
Hernanes tries an attempt on goal from the resulting set piece, from a ridiculous angle, much to the frustration of Scolari. He blasts the ball over the bar in quite some style.
Yellow Card Andrey Eschenko
Hernanes manages to thread a ball in behind Eschenko yet again, and the full-back concedes a free-kick right on the edge of the Russian area! That was very close to being a penalty!
Substitution Yuri Zhirkov Maksim Grigorjev
Dani Alves and Neymar combine well down the right flank, before switching the ball inside to the impressive Hernanes - who miscontrols. Zhirkov puts his hand up and requests a substitution, it looks as though he's pulled his hamstring.
Ooh! Great play from Hulk again! He skips past Eschenko, who loses his footing, and fires in a powerful cross - but nobody in yellow can turn the ball toward goal!
Hulk does fantastically to beat three men, but lays the ball back to Marcelo who loses the ball. He's been lively since coming on, his pace and strength combined are a real menace for any defence to deal with.
CLOSE! A good delivery from a free-kick almost allows Hulk to race into the six yard box to tap the ball home, but Gabulov wades out of the crowd with the ball in his grasp!
Russia are continuing to hold their shape very well, typical of a Capello outfit in a way. Brazil are having plenty of possession, but it's not really clear where their breakthrough is going to come. Oscar was providing the deliveries for his side, but he was substituted a long while ago.
Substitution Kak√° Diego Costa
OOH! Fernando tries an ambitious effort from about 30 yards out, but Gabulov is given plenty of time to dive to his right and claim the ball well. They're getting a little desperate now perhaps, although it's about time the Russia keeper had something to do.
OOH! Close! Hulk drives down the left after a great ball down the line from David Luiz, cuts the ball back to Marcelo, but the full-back blasts narrowly wide of the near post!
Russia might be on their way to beating Brazil for the first time in their history! It just might happen, Gabulov is yet to be particularly tested!
Goal Viktor Faizulin
GOOOOAL! Fayzulin! After the longest goal-mouth scramble I think I have ever seen, Fayzulin manages to turn the ball home between Cesar, Marcelo, David Luiz and half of the Brazilian team which was located on the line!
Yellow Card Hernanes
I thought that was Neymar's big chance! He manages to get his foot around the ball well, aiming for the top corner, but he couldn't quite place it beyond Gabulov's reach.
CLOSE! Kombarov brings down Kaka in a dangerous area, and Brazil are awarded a free-kick by Howard Webb in a perfect crossing position. Dani Alves delivers, but Shirokov half-clears! Neymar strikes from 20 yards, wrapping his foot around the ball, but Gabulov catches the powerful, curling effort with ease.
Hulk received a bit of a mixed reception upon taking to the pitch. Oscar, who has been great during this match, was replaced - perhaps to the dismay of any Chelsea fans in the stands. Shirokov returns to the field after treatment on his back.
Substitution Oscar Hulk
Russian captain Shirokov is down injured, and looks to be in some pain after fouling Kaka. He'll be okay though, the physio has given Capello a thumbs up. Meanwhile, Hulk is stripped off and ready to go for Brazil.
Oooh! A cross is floated in which Neymar manages to flick back across goal in search of Kaka, but the midfielder is crowded out by a host of red shirts. Dani Alves tries a long-range effort, but it's straight at Gabulov.
Hernandes pulls off a couple of stepovers, before releasing Kaka in behind Eschenko at right full-back. He wins a corner, but the resulting delivery fails to beat the first man.
Russia are struggling to deal with Brazil at the moment, they've stepped up a gear since half time, that's for sure. David Luiz plays a delightful ball over the top in search of Fred, but the lone striker is found to be offside! Luiz has played some great balls today.
Berezutskiy actually looked to take that Luiz free-kick in the face! He looks a little bit dazed, but he'll be fit to continue.
Neymar and Kaka have been threatening for Brazil so far in the second half, skipping past red shirts with ease. David Luiz lines up a long-range free-kick, but fires it straight into the wall - winding Berezutskiy in the process.
OOH! KAKA! The Real Madrid man drop a shoulder, beats two men before exchanging a one-two with Fred! He glides into the open space, but Glushakov tracks him all the way, before clearing the ball away for a corner.
Hulk, Filipe Luis and Diego Costa are warming up on the sidelines for Brazil, but whether we'll see them involved in the game soon is another matter altogether. Diego Costa could be an interesting change, as Fred isn't quite providing a creative spark.
Fred certainly has been a little non-existent in the second half. Neymar has been bright again, but Fred looks isolated and perhaps not the most mobile!
OOH! Neymar whips in a cross, which strangely turns into an effort on goal, as Gabulov fumbles the ball and clashes with the post! He gathers it at the second opportunity, however.
A slower start to the second half, but Brazil continue as the slightly more dominant force. Russia seem a little happier to break and commit men forward when they have the opportunity, rather than monopolising possession too.
Ooh! Thiago Silva gives the ball away needlessly, but Marcelo is there to cover and deny a Shirokov ball from finding Shatov! Shaky stuff from the PSG man, he hasn't been thoroughly convincing tonight.
Substitution Vladimir Bystrov Oleg Shatov
Substitution Alexander Anyukov Dmitriy Kombarov
Substitution Aleksandr Kokorin Yuri Zhirkov
And we're back underway! This game is supposed to be a friendly, but both sides look extremely focused on getting a positive result at Stamford Bridge tonight! There are a host of substitutions, with ex-Chelsea man Yury Zhirkov as one of the many taking to the field.
There is the half time whistle! Brazil have given a reasonable account of themselves in the past half an hour, and might be a little disappointed that they couldn't convert one of their many chances. Russia have been solid too, but have only creating anything going forward on the odd occasion - despite Shirokov playing well.
Perhaps Neymar could be a touch less greedy too! The Santos winger really has held onto the ball for longer than he should at times, it's almost as though he wants to prove to himself (and possibly England) that he's deserving of his place on the international stage.
Capello's side did have two good chances in the opening five minutes, but I don't think that he'll be too disappointed with a draw at the break. Scolari's only concern could be Fred getting isolated, but generally the quality of delivery from the Brazilians has been good.
Neymar actually does find Fred with a pass, at last, but the veteran striker miscontrols! Instead of turning and shooting, he tries an audacious back-heel which Gabulov stops with ease. Now it's Neymar's time to look frustrated!
Russia have really moved the ball around well at time. Glushakov has deputised well for Denisov in the centre of midfield, distributing well. They're somewhat lacking an attacking threat however, as Kerzhakov is struggling against the pacey duo of Thiago Silva and David Luiz.
OOOH! RUSSIA GO CLOSE! Kerzhakov breaks, playing a nice reverse pass to Fayzulin, who unleashes a ferocious effort at Cesar's top corner! The QPR keeper gets a fingertip to it, although it wasn't heading for the back of his net, but is lucky that the officials award his side the goal-kick.
Dani Alves and Kaka combine well with a useful one-two, but Alves' pass in behind the Russian defence to Fred is too heavy, allowing Gabulov to claim.
Oooh! Now it's Marcelo's turn to put in a great interception! Shirokov almost manages to thread the ball in between the Real Madrid left-back and Thiago Silva, looking for Bystrov, but Marcelo manages to reach the through ball and divert it away with his toe!
A Mexican wave has broken out! I wondered how long that would take. It might well be a light-hearted attitude in the stands, but on the field this hasn't been a friendly at all! Both sides are desperate to win, this isn't being regarded as an unimportant fixture!
Oooh! Kaka almost manages to feed an intricate pass through the resolute red wall of Russia's defence, but Ignashevich manages to cut it out well. Brazil are certainly on top!
Kokorin doesn't have the best luck with his control, and manages to kick the ball off his own face, before it rebounds out of play for a Brazil throw-in. I'm not sure he'll want to see that again!
Close! Fred almost gets his toe to a dangerous cross, but can't get the contact to turn the ball beyond Gabulov! He only needs the ball to fall kindly to him once, and the ball could be nestled in the back of the Russian net..
Neymar has been greedy yet again.. when met with the opportunity to play the ball to Oscar or Kaka, the Santos youngster chooses to try and beat three men instead! Needless to say, he fails to beat even the first man, with Anyukov hacking the ball away.
Marcelo loses out to Bystrov down the left flank, but the Real Madrid man chases back 30 yards to recover and successfully challenge his adversary. Bystrov certainly is a very pacey customer indeed, for the record!
Neymar is being marshalled around the field by Anyukov at the minute, the Zenit full-back isn't giving him any space whatsoever. You can understand why, whenever Neymar has managed to get in behind his marker, Brazil have looked at their most threatening.
Both managers might be frustrated that their side haven't been able to convert early chances. Russia went close twice in the first five minutes, whereas Brazil really have wasted a few good chances in the past ten. Neymar could've squared the ball unselfishly for Fred a minute ago too, but chose to go for goal himself.
OOH! NEYMAR! The young star bursts down the left, gets in behind the Russia defence, but blazes his effort over the bar! Fred was square, but Neymar went for glory!
Russia are certainly the more controlled of the two sides, playing with real organisation and shape. Scolari's side are set out a little differently, with Neymar popping up all over the pitch.
Ooh! Hernanes almost picks up Fred, who was peeling off his man at the back post brilliantly! That was nearly another great, great ball. It's been a case of nearly moments so far for Brazil!
Ooh! David Luiz is picked out by a great ball, but the Chelsea man is offside! That was another fantastic pass, but Brazil fail to profit yet again!
Deary me... Fernando tries his luck from a free-kick from about 35 yards from goal. I think that's just about stayed in the stadium! That was an awful attempt, Gabulov wasn't worried one bit.
OOOH! Close again for Brazil! David Luiz plays a great ball in towards Neymar, but the Santos winger fails to control the ball properly after a high bounce! Two great deliveries in the space of two minutes for the Chelsea-based Brazilians!
Ooh! The free-kick is flighted in, but neither Neymar nor David Luiz can make contact with it! Oscar picks up the pieces wide on the right, hammering a delightful low cross towards the back post. It's a fantastic ball, but Neymar can't quite get there to turn it home!
Marcelo is brought down by a host of Russian defenders, and the defender has managed to earn his side a free-kick in a quite dangerous area.
Oh dear! Brazil manage to capitalise on some wasteful Russian passing, breaking down the right flank with Kaka. The Real Madrid man fails to make the right decision on the ball however, playing the ball into a red shirt as opposed to picking out Neymar - who was looking for the cut back.
Fred is already looking quite isolated for Brazil, as Capello's side predictably are holding their shape effectively. The veteran only needs one sight of goal to score however, so he can't quite be counted out of proceedings.
Russia are definitely more of a well oiled machine, whereas Brazil look a little bit panicked. Capello will be pleased with the start his side have made, Brazil haven't really got going - but Russia really should have converted one of their chances!
Russia have definitely had the better of the opening stages, they've won a great deal of corners and both Shirokov and Bystrov are popping up in difficult areas for their opponents.
CLOSE! Ignashevich and then Shirokov fail to turn home a corner, before Shirokov then fails to find the bottom corner at the back post! Marcelo throws himself in the way of the effort!
Russia want a penalty as the ball looks to strike David Luiz' hand, but Howard Webb isn't interested!
CLOSE! A teasing free-kick almost catches out Cesar, as Russia almost score their first goal of the evening! It's somehow scrambled away before Kerzhakov can turn it in!
Only Neymar has looked dangerous so far for Brazil, looking lively when in possession with his darting runs. Russia look untroubled thus far though, Gabulov is yet to make any kind of save.
Shirokov almost steals possession from a sluggish Dani Alves, but the Russians are unable to capitalise. Both sides are pressing in midfield, and it's certainly a hectic start.
A lively start here, as Russia test the Brazilian rearguard twice in the opening five minutes. Capello's side have certainly been more efficient with possession so far, getting the ball forward quickly.
Ooooh! A hammer strike from an Ignashevich free-kick almost beats Julio Cesar! The QPR stopper awkwardly gets down to palm the Russian defenders effort, and just about manages to get it away from danger!
Oooh! Great block from Thiago Silva! Bystrov cut the ball back to the edge of the box, Kerzhakov gets their first to strike at goal, but the PSG centre-back manages to get a good block in!
The referee's whistle shrills, and the game is underway! Which side can gain momentum in their quests of improvement before 2014?
Both national anthems ring out in the cold evening air, in front of a reasonably filled Stamford Bridge. This game offers plenty, there is a great deal of talent on show - I suspect that a lot of spectators are here to check out either Neymar or the Berezutskiy twins!
There is a light-hearted atmosphere at Stamford Bridge, with plenty of local football fans present in the stands to watch tonight's proceedings, but both sides will be extremely motivated for this game. No more so than Russia, who saw their World Cup qualifier against Northern Ireland cancelled last week.
Russia are in superior form at the moment,winning four of their last five internationals and topping their World Cup qualifying group, whereas Scolari's Brazil have only won two in the same amount of games.
Russia starting line-up: Gabulov, Eschenko, Ignashevich, V. Berezutskiy, Anyukov, Fayzulin, Glushakov, Kokorin, Shirokov, Bystrov, Kerzhakov.
Brazil starting line-up: Julio Cesar, Marcelo, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Dani Alves, Hernanes, Fernando, Neymar, Kaka, Oscar, Fred.
TEAM NEWS: Denisov misses out through injury, meaning that Shirokov deputises as captain. Oscar and David Luiz start for Brazil in their home stadium.
I'm Simon Harrison, and I will be the man in charge of keeping you in the loop this evening, as Luis Filipe Scolari returns to his old Chelsea stomping ground. Opposition manager Fabio Capello is similarly back in a familiar country, as the Italian was formerly England coach.
Hello and welcome to's LIVE coverage of the high-profile international friendly between Brazil and Russia at Stamford Bridge!I